Kid!levi x teacher!reader

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Levi POV

She was: beautiful, magnificent, celestial. She had to be the most wondrous thing on earth. Whenever she spoke with her goddess voice he could not help but stare. her smile had to be a sign that heaven existed.

Levi's little chubby hand reached for yours and held it tight. His parents called saying they were unable to pick little levi up, so you had to walk him home.

"It's this way." He pointed with his other hand, his voice as monotone and serious as a 5 year olds could get. You smiled and nodded to him. Your tight grip sent shivers down his little body and he couldn't help but let a little smile creep on his thin lips.

"What're you smiling about levi?" You pinched his chubby cheeks softly. He cursed under his breath. He should've known nothing could get passed your hawk eyes.

He slapped your hand away and rubbed his cheek softly, hoping not to get the tingling feeling to leave."what? Now I can't smile?" He faked anger with a rough glare. You howled in laughter at his attempt to look mean, but he couldn't look anything less than cute.

"Of course you can smile levi. You're cutest when you smile." That was a lie, levi was cutest no matter what he did. Although he was the most stubborn in class and the most rude, you loved all your students all the same. Levi, was no exception.

His cheeks blushed a crimson red and he looked away slapping his cheeks. "L/N-sensei is cute when she smiles too!" He pouted suppressing his large grin.

You let a squeal pass your lips at his adorable nature. Lifting him and squeezing him tight you grinned,"levi you are just too cute." You peppered him with kisses. His cheeks flamed a fiery red. He had to say it, pulling away from your love attacks his brows scrunched and the most serious face adorned his features.

"L/N-sensei, has to marry me when I grow up! Promise?" He pulled out his little pinky. You smiled sweetly and nodded, intertwining your pinky with his.


"Now where is that house of yours?" You grumbled, his eyes trailed to yours and a devilish smirk passed his lips.

"We passed it ages ago Sensei."

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