Mute Reader x piano teacher levi.

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"(Y/N)!" The voice bounced buzzing in joy, you could tell it was your mother by the sound of her fake cheery voice and the clanking of her shoes.

"Remember how you told- I mean, wrote down that you wanted to learn piano." She smiled widely, I nodded,"well, I got you one of the best piano teachers. Isn't that great?!" She grinned, though it wasn't a question, I nodded anyway.

She called in the teacher and a man stepped up looking quite disgruntled. He had her black hair that was styled in an under cut, he glanced around and his gaze stopped at you.

He rolled his eyes but mother seemed to have not noticed,"well then, I'll leave it to you mr. Ackerman, and remember what we talked about." She smiled leaving with a sway of her rear end at each step she took.

The man sighed and turned to the girl, stretching his hand out he introduced himself,"I'm mr. Ackerman, I'm a piano instructor." He informed, I nodded in confirmation and took his hand, his grip was right but not bone breaking.

I was seated in front of a grand piano,"I've been informed with you... Condition." He spoke, I just gazed at him,"well then, let's get started." He muttered placing his hands on the keys.

He started with a simple song,twinkle twinkle litter star, he didn't sing but his eyes remained closed a small smile plastered on his lips as the melody reached his eyes softly.

Once finished he glanced back at me, he instructed every key and pointed at it, I shook my head in frustration and scrunched my eye brows, he let out a long sigh, and took my hands in his.

"Here." He growled, he pressed my fingers against the Keys his hands playing me like a puppet.

His chest was against my back, his breath tickling my ears, his warmth radiating off of him and onto me.

When we finished the song I watched his every step,"practice it." He said more softly this time, his eyes showing more emotion but as soon as it was there it was gone, replaced with his gold stare.

I watched as he left, and I swear I saw a smile grace his lips for a mere second as he turned the corner.

I could hear the pounding of my heart in my chest, sweat tickling down my forehead and my fingers shaking.

And then, I practiced.

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