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It had been a month since you had last seen levi. You couldn't even remember what the two of you had even fought about. Some petty fight about family or some shit. Either way, it didn't matter now. It was over.

You hadn't forgotten about levi. Not one day passed where you didn't think about him and how much you regret being away from him.

You had walked out after the fight, levi looked distressed and he had called out for you to return with an angry growl with a hint of sadness and fear, but you didn't hear it. because pride had blocked your ears and you kept walking.

Hanji recently invited you to a party, it was a party for her wedding with Erwin and she wanted both of you to attend. You knew she was planning some secret scheme along with it but you needed to forget and move on, or at least some what make up with him so your guilt could take a rest.

You pulled a tight black midnight dress over you. It fit snugly against your curves but then slowly loosened at the bottom and stopped at ankle length. It was strapless but had loose straps that fell of your shoulder blades.

The party was supposed to be fancy anyway. You slipped on silver heels and wrapped a golden necklace that you wore ever since levi had given it to you. Picking up the purse you left out the apartment and to your car.

Arriving there was no problem. Leaving the car with nothing but a loose dark blue jacket was also not much of a bother. But having to stand fancy people and their weird acting was the problem.

The problem was, Erwin's side of the family was the one holding the party for them.

You spotted many people that you recognised but the bad outweighed the good and the sea flooded the river.

Clicking of shoes and pompous chitter chatter filled the hall of the grand house.

You spotted levi and gulped. He looked fine in his casual black suit, his hair slicked black to reveal his beautiful sharp iron eyes.

He was chatting with Erwin, he caught eye with you but immediately you turned your attention else where and smiling when you turned to jean.

Jean was a good friend of yours, it had been a few weeks since you had last seen him but it was nice to finally get a chance to chat.

The both of you talked until the subject of levi buzzed between you.

"So, how about you and levi? Any luck?" He asked face uncomfortably leaning forward. Leaning back slightly you shook.

"No, not yet. But I want to apologise tonight, even if we don't get back together I still want to apologise." You countered with a glum aura emitting.

"Aw, don't be too hard on yourself." He smirked sarcastically,"shut up jean." You rolled your eyes.

Even if you were good friends with jean, regardless he would always be a flirty try hard asshole.

"Anyway, I'm gonna go check out the house. Don't wait up." You smiled as you left him.

Heading towards the corridor you had seen levi walk into. You took it the chance to see him alone for once.

Feeling slightly nervous you swallowed your fears and opened the door gingerly you had seen levi walk into.

Softening your gaze when you saw he was sitting on a black bench a grand piano under his finger tips.

His gaze was fixated on the keys as you slowly made your way behind him.



The silence was ear piercing and you could feel the awkwardness.

"I'm sorry." You started once again. It came our soft, pleasing to the ears and sounded sincere.

Levi turned his head slightly, not enough to meet the eye but enough to know it was directed at you.

"I'm sorry as well." He responded, the awkwardness was still there, and your heart had already started to accelerate.

What were you supposed to do now? Was there anything left to say?

You gingerly made your way around him and sat beside him. He turned his head to face you, eyes soft again. Iron eyes met e/c ones, and the world lifted off your shoulders when he gave a small smile.

It was so small you could hardly see the twitch of his mouth. So tiny. Yet so big . Did that even make sense? Did it matter?

"You did nothing wrong. It was all me. I'm- I'm really sorry levi." His smile left and you leaned your head against his shoulder.

He ran his fingers through your strings and slid them off your shoulders to meet your hand.

He lifted it and pressed a soft warm kiss.

"I missed you." He whispered, it sounded so sad. As if he was ready to burst out crying right now.

"I missed you too." It wavered and cracked. He pressed his lips to your cheek. And then to your lips in a final rewarding kiss. It felt so great.

Pressing your lips back to meet his, you squeezed your hands that were intertwined in his.

Things felt so perfect. The world had gone for a second, you couldn't even hear the music that played softly outside. Things were fine.

Things were going to be fine.

Because you had levi.

You let go of the kiss, lips still wet but dry with anticipation.

The both of you pressed lightly sweaty foreheads against each other. A small smile plastered on both faces as they closed their eyes. No need to meet each other's gazes to see what they were both feeling.

"I love you so much y/n." He rubbed circles on your cheek. You leaned against his touch. It was warm, and satisfying, and everything it needed to be to be perfect.

"I love you too."


I was actually planning for things to play out differently but it turned out like this. Hope it's still okay.

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