Levi x reader. The letter.

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My first love was at the age of seventeen.

It was with a boy named tamaki kin.

He was popular and the class clown, even though I had gone sixteen years of being unnoticed.

He was the most persistent.

"What book you reading, what chapter are you up to? Is it good?"

Even though I snapped at him for bothering me so much.

He just.

"Your talking to me!" He grinned cheerily.

But this story isn't about my first love.

It's about my second


"I'm late, I'm late!" I muttered over to myself whizzing past curious stares that gawked at my speeding figure.

I pressed the elevator button over an over muttering,"come on come on!!"

After few minutes of spent time waiting for it, I gave up and sped up the stairs.

I flung the door open and yelled,"IM HERE SIR!" The disapproving stare of Erwin smith was enough to tell me he was not amused.

"Just barely." He sighed crossing his arms over his broad chest.

I had not noticed the second figure not far behind him leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, an annoyed face etched on his features.

"Anyway..." Erwin continued but was abruptly stopped with another voice booming,"Erwin I don't think I want a brat like her." He spoke firmly, scary to be exact.

'Don't tell me that's my boss!' I thought to myself staring at the short man with black hair and steel piercing eyes.

"Don't worry levi, she'll make a great edition." Erwin reassured. Levi just rolled his eyes and clicked his tongue not very impressed.


I remember my first time meeting levi, he was rude and bossed me around.

His eyes were always glaring, I don't think ill ever forget that.

The next day I met a girl named Petra Ral.

You could tell at first glance how much she really loved levi. She would talk non stop about him.

I would often fall asleep.

The third day I met armin, eren and mikasa, me and eren clicked quickly.

The next day I met Hanji, she would never stop talking about ghosts, she was very hard to catch up with.

Few days later I met the others, Connie, sasha, jean, krista, Ymir, bert, Reiner and Annie.


My first love was a beautiful one, it was filled with laughter.

And joy.

Even though it ended badly.

I remember standing in the soaking rain, in front of the his grave, leaving a single rose.

I cried out for him not to leave.

I had asked millions of times why.

Why he left me.

But I would never get an answer.

When I first met levi.

I didn't feel anything.

"Clean this shit up."

No sparks, no flares, no butterflies. Nothing.

"Yes sir ..."

But on that night, that starry night.

"What the hell are you doing out here?!"

That starry cold night, that I was crying over my dead loved one because it was his death anniversary.

Where breaths came out in white puffs, and the sky way black with grey clouds.

"Levi?" I said turning around to face him.

" what the fuck are you doing out here?" He asked harshly, for some reason his face etched with worry.

For the first time in while.

My heart warmed up, and the only thing I could think about was.

"Levi..." I spoke softly tears still streamed down my face.

So thank you levi, I'm really happy I met you, you have no idea how happy you made me that night.

And I wish I could of told you this in person.


I love you.


"From (y/n)..." I said quietly, I squeezed my eyes tears rolling down my cheeks.

"You fucking idiot." I said my lips twitching upwards.

"You idiot."

"I love you too.." I grinned tears still flowing down.


Yeah I know this made no sense at all, but it's a death letter from you, to everyone especially levi.

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