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Eren POV

If I had just noticed a little earlier...
If I hadn't been so caught up in so much action...
I would of noticed.. How you felt about me...


I noticed a week after you had started to randomly hang around with Levi. It was like you both were suddenly best buddies. I didn't understand at first, but I had no right to ruin in on your personal life so all I could do was stand idly by whilst I watched you fall in love with somebody else.

Maybe... Maybe if I had just done this.. Or had said that... I would still have you in my grasps where I could hold you. Love you.

But maybes aren't good enough, and I can't change the past. I don't deserve to try and take you back. But even so.. I still can't let you go.. I still can't hold myself down whenever I see you with him, I still
can't bottle up my feelings for you.

"Are you sure you like me, y/n?" She looked up at me shocked, her eyes quivering as if she had been facing the inevitable. Don't look at me like that.. If you do.. I might just reconsider my kindness and take you all for myself.

"Anyway, I'm sorry, I can't return your feelings." I lied straight through my teeth. I bowed as she did to me. "I think you have the wrong guy" please choose me. Stay.


Then you left. It was to be expected. I watched as you leave, tears rolled down my eyes slowly. Why the hell was I crying? It's not like I didn't know this was going to happen.. Even though I knew that.. It still hurts.

Why hadn't I been more observant?

I'm going to miss your smiles at me, your glances at me...

People can't change time, but if I could, I would've loved you better. Try harder to make you understand, even if all I did was embarrass myself in front of you.

Now that I look back, all I was ever doing was tripping over my two feet over you. Fumbling over myself while watching you slip away. Why couldn't I just form those words? Back then, you wanted to hear them right? You wanted to hear me say...

"I love you... Y/N. Please don't go.. Stay with me...give me another chance.. Please." I whispered. But she had already gone, and my words were whisked away with the wind.


Damn this was short. Alright, whatever. 100k yo. Still can't believe it. Is it cause I liked that lucky picture on Facebook? Jokes, I know that shit was bullshit (plus I don't hit that like button on any of them)

What was I talking about again?

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