Levi x reader: i still love her.

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There was times when I thought about her and I hated it. Because I was with someone else.


Two weeks ago levi and I went out shopping. Nothing in particular just shopping.

And the person we bumped into forever itched into Levi's mind. The person he used to love. The person he used to cherish. The person he used to touch.


"Hey, uh- levi." She smiled. Her eyes were a beautiful golden colour and her hair a pretty auburn kind.

Levi stared. He looked deeply, the kind of look you'd only give to a lover. She stared too. And suddenly I felt awkward.

I didn't want to interrupt but there was a jolt in my movements and I felt like I wanted to rip his eyes away from hers and onto mine and i felt like I wanted to kiss him so he would only feel me and my lips and all me.

But I didn't do that. Instead I waited for them to continue and to stop staring at each other as if he was still with her.

"Hello Petra, it's nice to see you again." He spoke. It sounded normal, too normal. Was I being too worried? What was this gut feeling?

There was this awkward silence again. It was filling the air.

"Petra Ral was it? I'm (full name). Nice to meet you." I finally spoke. She turned to me as if just noticing me.

"Ah, nice to meet you. I didn't realise levi had found someone." She smiled, although it seemed forced she was keeping it well.

We shook hands briefly.

Levi gripped my shoulder with a frown.

"We should go." He whispered. I was surprised,"ah. Alright." I nodded.

"Nice meeting you Petra." I bowed my head and we passed her.

The way home was much too silent. And my chest hurt.


After the encounter felt like levi was drifting. We talked less and touched less and there was nights we wouldn't even sleep in the same bed.

I would try to cheer him up and bring him places but he would always just angrily brush me off and say he had no time for my childish games.

"Levi..." I knocked on his study room door and let myself in to see him on his desk finishing off work.

He hummed. "Don't you want dinner? I cooked your favourite..." I stood at the door frame holding the door handle. It was cold against my finger tips.

"No, I'm not hungry." He replied in his monotone voice. It felt cold and devoid of any love.

"Are you sure? It would only take a minu-"

"I said I'm not hungry!" He yelled still not facing me. My body shook and my heart crumbled. Something is wrong. Something's not right.

"I-I! I'm sorry!" And I fled. And ate by myself. And slept by myself.


The next morning I found levi on his phone on the couch.

He looked up and put it away and nodded to the couch in front of him.

With a blanket thrown over my shoulders and a cold quivering body I walked over to it and sat down.

Happy that he was finally talking to me.

But the next words didn't make me happy.

"I still love her." His expression was solemn and he was no longer looking at me in the eyes.

He closed them and spoke again.


I noticed his his attire and he looked ready to leave. He had a bag and shoes on.

I looked down and thought for a moment. With a cracking voice I responded.

"I know." I buried my face in my hands and cried into them."I know. I know." Sobs broke out and levi stood.


"Goodbye." And he left. But I stayed. And cried.


"Go to sleep levi." She cuddled to my chest. Her voice felt different and her touch felt dirty and I felt...


All I could think about was y/n.

Why? Why did I only think about her when I was with Petra. I thought I loved Petra?

What was I doing.

What the fuck was I doing.

I squeezed out of petra's embrace and she woke up tiredly.

"Levi?" She asked, her voice tired. Suddenly it was no longer melodious and I found myself missing y/n's.

"I'm sorry Petra. I made the wrong choice." I got up and left the bed slipping on my jacket and shoes.

"Levi? What are you talking a about? Where are you going?" Suddenly she no longer sounded sleepy and she sounded angry.

"I'm leaving. Sorry, I think I mistook this as love."

"What? I thought you said you loved me!" She yelled frustrated.

"I'm sorry Petra." I took the keys and left closing the door with a slam.

She rushed outside to me and grabbed my arm,"no! Levi! Wait, please!" She begged gripping me.

I shrugged her off harshly and tumbled into the car. And suddenly I felt like an idiot. Remembering all the things I did to y/n when she was just trying to be a good girlfriend.

I slammed open the door to her house and heard her stumbling into the room.

"L-levi? What- what are you doing here? I thought you were with Petra?" I shut her up and slammed my lips to hers. She pushed me away roughly and plastered an angry look.

"What are you doing?!"

"I'm sorry." She stood there stunned. I knew my expression was sad and pitiful. But all I wanted was her touch again. I've missed it for so long.

I leaned my forehead on hers.

"I'm sorry. I know I was mean. And I know what I said. I may still love her but I love you. And I'll get over her. I-I just need more time. Please. I just want you." She sighed and hugged me tightly and oh my god it felt so good.

I bathed in her warmth and soaked in her wonderful touch.

"I love you. "

"I love you too. Idiot."

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