You're mine (Levi x Reader) {COMPLETED} by JadeMB123
You're mine (Levi x Reader) {COMPL...by JadeMB123
You're now in the Survey Corps after training with your cousin Hange, She introduces you to the little man known as Levi, how will you both react when you develop feelin...
  • attackontitan
  • jean
  • soldier
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Humanity's Angel (attack on titan fanfic) by animepenguin284
Humanity's Angel (attack on titan...by BlackSupernova1412
The Survey Corps are heading beyond the walls once again to eliminate a large group of titans but what happened a when a certain captain sees a hooded figure talking to...
  • titan
  • aot
  • eren
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The Titan of Remnant: A Destiny X RWBY Tale by AwoL_WarKiller
The Titan of Remnant: A Destiny X...by Austin, An Author of Stuff
After an unknown portal opens up in the Black Garden, a lone Titan enters a new and unknown territory. With no communication to the Vanguard, he must become the guardian...
  • rwby
  • weiss
  • titan
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Deep Connections - Levi x Reader by crumbee
Deep Connections - Levi x Readerby Crumby Trails...
Y/N has always strived to be her very best, In hope to make her parents proud. But starts to strive harder when her town, Shiganshina falls. She decides to join the trai...
  • snk
  • xreader
  • armin
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Flames • [2] by xFandomdiaryx
Flames • [2]by ♤ Anya ♤
B O O K T W O She was tough but she wasn't invincible, anyone could tell you that. "I've created a flame you can't exstinguish." ➳ RANKINGS: *you're blowing...
  • emilia
  • finnickodair
  • booktwo
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Levi x Reader Scenarios by Winterrose02
Levi x Reader Scenariosby Sophia Rose
Requests Open!!! Just a collection of fluffy Levi x Reader scenarios. I tried. So...Enjoy... Started: July 28th, 2018 10k: Oct. 28th, 2018 20k: Nov. 19th, 2018 30k: Dec...
  • fluffy
  • love
  • titan
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AOT Boys X Reader by NightcoreChan13
AOT Boys X Readerby NightcoreChan13
Currently on Season 3 (Slow updates)
  • mikasa
  • anime
  • bertoldt
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Humanity's Savior (Attack on Titan) by _Rainy_Melody
Humanity's Savior (Attack on Titan)by ~Rainy~
There is an old legend... one that tells of a Guardian of a certain forest that is close to the outside of the walls. Enemy, Ally, Titan, or Human? No one really knows...
  • happy
  • firststory
  • ốc
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Annoying Brat, My Cadet| Levi Ackerman x reader by GigglyUndertaker
Annoying Brat, My Cadet| Levi Acke...by sugakookieV
(Y/n) is a mystery, No one knows anything about (Y/n) when their first turns up. Not even (Y/n)'s gender.
  • ôn
  • lévi
  • xreader
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Levi Ackerman X reader (Smut) Pocky by KokoroInuzuka123
Levi Ackerman X reader (Smut) Pockyby KokoroInuzuka123
In this story you were caught playing Pocky with the other cadets. How will Levi react to this?
  • romance
  • heichou
  • captainlevi
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The Vampire King's Mate by sakuraumiyuki
The Vampire King's Mateby sakuraumiyuki
Eren does what every other human teenage boy his age does. Party hard, piss off people, and become the vampire King's mate. Levi comes into Eren's small human village an...
  • attack
  • ereri
  • vampire
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Servant (PrinceLevi x ServantEren) by KillerWolfGirlx
Servant (PrinceLevi x ServantEren)by KillerWolfx
This is an Eren x Levi. Where Levi is the prince of Shoganshina and Eren is a simple servant. One day Levi decides he wants a personal Servant and chooses the bright eye...
  • ereri
  • aot
  • completed
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(discontinued.) Levi x Reader One-Shots by skyreiii
(discontinued.) Levi x Reader One...by rayna
THIS HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Here is an old book about scenarios with you and Levi. Requests are closed. Constructive criticism is definitely tolerated! I would love crit...
  • snk
  • fanfic
  • leviackermanxreader
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Merc Of The Frontier: A Titanfall x RWBY Story by AwoL_WarKiller
Merc Of The Frontier: A Titanfall...by Austin, An Author of Stuff
After a near death experience with the IMC, a young Apex Predator pilot and his Titan end up in an unknown world.
  • adventure
  • beacon
  • rwby
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Hidden on Titan (Infinity War x Fem!Reader) by fairlyabi
Hidden on Titan (Infinity War x Fe...by Abi
(INFINITY WAR SPOILERS IN WHOLE BOOK) It had been many years since the destruction on Titan. Buildings carved themselves into what lay left of the planet. Erosion and de...
  • thanos
  • fiction
  • spoilers
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Rogue by RedCoaster24
Rogueby RedCoaster24
A strange but intelligent titan lives deep within the forests of Wall Maria, right under the military's nose. What happens when the mysterious titan comes across two sma...
  • arminarlert
  • erwinsmith
  • titan
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Titan of the Hunt by Shadow_Warrior14
Titan of the Huntby Hunter
During the final days of the second Giant war, Percy loses the one he loves and his purpose for living. So he asks the gods for a task to challenge him and give him a ne...
  • percy
  • artemis
  • olympus
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 Levi x Reader | Oneshots by SeroSuper
Levi x Reader | Oneshotsby ⌍Jeagerbombastic⌎
To my fellow Levi lovers and Otaku's! Welcome to my one shot book where there is both happy and sad moments that are all spent together with our wonderful Levi. Leave a...
  • reader
  • heichou
  • manga
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Pull | Infinity War by Imaginary_Capable16
Pull | Infinity Warby Kelly Kuznetsov
"I MAY NOT BE A SUPERHERO, BUT I CAN STILL KICK YOUR ASS." In which Stephen Strange's (ex?) girlfriend joins him in space on a flying donut with Ironman and a...
  • avengers
  • drstrange
  • groot
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Erwin x Levi by Archalia
Erwin x Leviby Archalia
Levi's life can go from being an all time well respected commander to being a terrified insomniac in seconds it seems...
  • fanfic
  • titan
  • lévi
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