Drabbles of the past year. All the ideas ive had and jotted them down my notes

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Story predicaments, girl trips and boy has to stay with her under the rain or carry her to his house!!

"And levi I don't know if it's just the the rain? Or you, or me?! I don't know if it's just me feeling like I need to say this, because we right now are dripping wet, rain still soaking us. But, I feel this demanding urge, to just... Just try! Try to trust you! E-even if you ARE a dick, even if you do mean things and say rude things that really hurt me... E-even if you don't feel the same way, I-I still... I still won't stop! Because levi!" I stopped and took a deep breath. Staring straight into his widened eyes.

"Because I think I've just started to fall for you, and no matter what I do! This feeling just won't go away, no matter how many times I've tried to deny it in my head, my heart won't stop beating whenever I think of you! I can't stop this warm feeling in my chest that urges for your touch, and I know it's wrong.. Bad to feel this way, but I just can't! I just can't stop! Not now, and I still can't believe I'm saying this... Even now... But.. I really do, think I'm falling for you.


Girl goes to his house and plays music with flashbacks

Because every time I looked into her deep sea blue eyes, instead of seeing the calming sea I saw a raging fire, like hells fire. It scared me, but at the same time, I loved it.

She was just like the sea, at day she was calm and beautiful, but at night she was a raging storm.

And every time I felt her presence I couldn't stop thinking... "She's right there."

And my heart hurt so much every time I saw you, I had such an overwhelming urge to tell you, so every time your not listening I just whisper to myself,"I love you" to relieve the pain.

It hurt me so much to see you with someone else, when I knew that you belonged with me.

"I never said I loved you ." He said harshly, she looked down sadly tears threatening to fall, he looked down blushing crazy, then his eyes trailed up to hers,"but.. I-I never said I didn't."

And she printed herself on my heart, with ink that would never smudge, and even as I look at her now, I knew that the clenching feeling in my chest, would never go away.

Maybe it was the way when he kissed me I could taste his bitter black coffee stained on his tongue, or whenever his lips left my neck kiss by kiss leaving a hot trail of burning love, or the way his hands perfectly intertwined with mine, or the way when he was staring at me I felt so loved and felt that he wasn't just staring at one thing, that he was staring at all of me.

And she was like the 8th wonder of the world.

And just like the dead city it was, my eyes filled at the mere sight of the cloudy sky, the sun swallowed in sadness, every glimpse I caught of an eye it would be that same dull hallow look, everyone seemed so unhappy, no one seemed content anymore, and as tears started to brim my eyes as I realised the un faithful truth, that this world was tangled in unhappiness and misfortune, a tear slipped silently down my cheek, no one to help and wipe it away, and all they did, was just past by like I was nothing.

I stared at her, I felt my throat clog with words, and my eyes brim with tears, but the there was just too many words to say, in such a little time, so I stood there un-able to speak, and I regret every second I stood there wordlessly,because she turned on her heel, and I lost her once again.

Why the world is so fuck up? I don't know

And I was sad, that I didn't feel her lips brush against my chin, and the agonising pain wrenched all the life out of my poor little heart, but I would gladly go insane, if it meant her sanity.

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