Levi x cat!reader

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Levi sat at his desk, tracing circles with his finger on the table.

He had stacks of paper to finish but had been doing work for countless of hours he thought he earned well deserved couple of minutes to himself.

He snapped up when he heard a faint sound of a cat meowing.

He turned his head to the window to see a (h/c) and (a/c) (any colour) small cat.

It sat on his window ceil, how a cat got on the second floor was beyond him, why it was here was even more confusing.

He continued to stare at the cat, it licked its fur and stared at him with devilish (e/c) eyes.

The car hopped from the window ceil and crawl over to his chair hopping on his lap.

He gawked at the cat as it begin to rub itself onto him, he process what was happening and picked it up.

Staring at him he sniffed it to see if it smelled clean, surprisingly it smelled clean.

The cat licked his nose, levi scrunched his nose in disgust and sat the cat back down on the floor.

The cat rubbed itself against his legs, it's tail swirling around his legs.

Levi sighed and knew he wouldn't be able to keep it, he picked the thing up once again and walked out of the HQ earning a few stares in awe at the cat.

He clicked his tongue and placed the cat outside, the cat sat and stared at him as he walked back inside the HQ.

~a day later~

Levi entered his room sighing heavily, he heard that faint meowing sound and snapped his head at his desk to see the same cat sitting on his chair innocently.

It's big round (e/c) staring at him, Levi's eyebrows scrunched together annoyed.

He marched up to the cat about hit it off the chair but a force of guilt waved through him,'what the hell?' He thought to himself.

He sighed and patted the car, scratching under its chin, he heard the low purrs of it.

A small smile graced his lips as he stared at the cat.

'Maybe... I will keep it.' He thought to himself continuing to pat it.

He yawned and remembered why he had come here in the first place, he took a glance outside his window and saw the stars shining in the dark night.

The cat noticed his halt in patting and jumped down from the chair waltzing into Levi's bedroom.

Levi looked around and spotted the creature that had already nestled itself on Levi's pillow.

He rolled his eyes and moved the cat aside to get a good nights sleep.

He slept well that night, with a small smile on his lips.

He woke up groaning, feeling something shuffle on the bed, knowing it was just the cat he ignored it, though it felt much larger than just the small cat.

He moved around and felt around for the cause of the stirring, his hand caught something soft... Bouncy even??

He slowly squished it, confused he slowly opened his eyes and rubbed them.

Looking to what it was he was squishing, his eyes widened and he quickly let go.

Staring at a nude girl in his bed, car ears and a tail.

He stumbled out of the bed landing on his back his mouth wide open.

The girl stirred and slowly sat up rubbing her eyes tiredly,"hmm...?" She said.

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