Patient Love - Marco Reus Fanfic by footballcrown
Patient Love - Marco Reus Fanficby footballcrown
It all started with a piano concert, the night he met her and the night their lives changed forever. Status: Complete Please do not steal my stories, let's respect the i...
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  • reus
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The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓ by diickbicycles
The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓by ♕ ملاك ♕
"You're an asshole," I blurted. "You're such an asshole that your actual asshole is jealous." Silence. What the hell did I just say? Out of all the...
  • angelz
  • gangleader
  • cows
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Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader) by RubicMaster
Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader)by RubicMaster
These are x reader yuri oneshots!
  • sashabraus
  • bullied
  • attackontitan
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UNB REACTION / SCENARIOS by Coco_chocolates
UNB REACTION / SCENARIOSby Coco_chocolates
UNB reaction/ scenarios *cute , smut , funny ^^
  • youdropetheirphone
  • marco
  • unbreaction
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Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x Reader』 by KimmiePines
Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x ━ kim
"Y/N, it's okay if you don't like me back, I just want to tell you what I truly feel about you. Will you stay by my side?" Star Butterfly's sister who goes by...
  • diaz
  • safekid
  • xreader
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Light em' up // Eren x reader  by llcalumll
Light em' up // Eren x reader by aawkwardash
{COMPLETED} Levi has never been one to show emotions, not even to his closest friends and comrades. But when it comes to his baby sister (y/n), things are different. He'...
  • connie
  • jean
  • leviackerman
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Dominato  by ItsTeir
Dominato by Teir Marks
[PRIVATE CHAPTERS] "Come here, Micio." Marco beckoned in that deep timbre she loved so much. "Daddy wants to feel your hot little mouth wrapped around his...
  • marco
  • itsteir
  • avian
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Only Us - Eren Jaeger x F!Reader by _WinterWillows_
Only Us - Eren Jaeger x F!Readerby Akiko
•Cover drawing by Bev-Nap on DeviantArt• A young girl named (Y/n) (L/n) is from a town called Shinganshina in Wall Maria, she is kind, considerate, patient, ill tempered...
  • levisquad
  • jaeger
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dortmund | marco reus by voidneymar
dortmund | marco reusby Jess
They started off hating each other, but fell in love once beginning to spend more time together. In which Marco falls in love with his coach's daughter.
  • erikdurm
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  • marcoreus
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Maps by Dagonzalezl
Mapsby Dani
Madalena Cartín Reyes sempre sonhou com sua independência e mesmo sendo jovem, aos poucos ela está conquistando isso, com muita determinação e idealização. Mas essa bus...
  • madrid
  • realmadrid
  • jogador
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The Puppet Master [One Piece] by XxScarletMaidenxX
The Puppet Master [One Piece]by Ashley
Echo comes from the island Funesto deep in the Grandline, an island of Devil Fruit cultivators. She possesses the knowledge passed down to her from generations of Devil...
  • redhairpirates
  • shanks
  • onepiece
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The Throne of Mewni by 3Ross77
The Throne of Mewniby 3Ross77
After Star's Mother is lost, and River mysteriously goes missing attempting to find Moon, Star isn't left with a lot of options. To marry a suitor or leave Mewni until s...
  • svtfoe
  • starxmarco
  • smutwarning
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Today And Forever ¦¦ Lee Euijin of UNB & BIGFLO by sunshyra
Today And Forever ¦¦ Lee Euijin ayraa
❝I love you today. And I love you forever.❞ ❁❁❁ Started: 26 May 2018 Ended: 20 June 2018 © sunshynnn » Highest Rankings #1 unb #1 Bigflo #1 Kidol #1 Daewon #2 Euijin
  • theunit
  • euijin
  • hojung
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Football Preferences by -kroos
Football Preferencesby Rani
Football Preferences! Thank you very much @-sangsterfam for the amazing cover!
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  • preferences
  • football
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begin again // marco reus by marcinhoe
begin again // marco reusby aria reus ☀
"you be the moon I'll be the earth, and when we burst, we start over, oh darling, we begin again." sequel to settle down
  • worldcup
  • soccer
  • marco
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MINI COMICS SVLFDM (starco y random) by yarr97
MINI COMICS SVLFDM (starco y Yelkin Rubiano
en esta seccion publicare mini comics sobre esta serie los mini comics seran de diferentes autores.
  • svtfoe
  • marco
  • diaz
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Heart's Fire [One Piece] by XxScarletMaidenxX
Heart's Fire [One Piece]by Ashley
In search of her long lost brother, Lacey finds herself in danger of losing sight of her goal as she falls for the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. T...
  • onepiece
  • ace
  • trafalgarlaw
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My Anxiety Is Silent (STARCO) by Fangirlginger14
My Anxiety Is Silent (STARCO)by Cartoon_Trash
Star Butterfly is overcome with anxiety. Once she loses her family and friends, she has to move to Echo Creek. She hates it at there which makes her more anxious. She ge...
  • starandmarco
  • marco
  • starco
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Mayores; Marco Asensio by edisoncavanis
Mayores; Marco Asensioby ale
"You'll choke on your words." In which Marco falls in love over social media.
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  • instagram
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Frost And Fire ( Tom the demon x Oc)( Star vs the forces of evil) by LexyCrown
Frost And Fire ( Tom the demon x LexyCrown
You probably have watched the show if you're reading this. Basically this is a Tom love story, if you wanna know what happened. Just click 'read'. Please comment and vo...
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