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Retrieving •Eremika by ALittleTwinkie
Retrieving •Eremikaby Leena Yeager
Eren Yeager had lost his memories after the fall from his malfunctioning 3DMG. He had been over stressed due to all the pressure the Survey Corps had brought him, theref...
  • leviackerman
  • completed
  • erekasa
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The Hell of Titans.... What Did I Do To Deserve this? [SnK/AoT Fanfic] by Balice66
The Hell of Titans.... What Did I...by Slowly coming back
Basil Andrea moved out of the city and into the suburbs. She despised the idea but went along with it anyway. When she got to her new house and life, she noticed her ne...
  • shingekinokyojin
  • horseface
  • annie
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Cheater |Cheater!Levi x Reader| by xkaazuto
Cheater |Cheater!Levi x Reader|by Kaazuto :)
I am in love with Levi Ackerman, but he cheated. |UNEDITED ORIGINAL|
  • aot
  • erwin
  • ackerman
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Pursuing •Eremika by ALittleTwinkie
Pursuing •Eremikaby Leena Yeager
The Survey Corps had sent Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman to embark on a perilous undercover mission to unveil the concealed truth behind the Coordinate, those who held...
  • erenxmikasa
  • eremika
  • shingekinokyojin
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The Angel on the Battle Field (AOT fanfic) by HaLoFo
The Angel on the Battle Field (AOT...by H
*********an Attack on Titan/SNK Fanfiction********* More than 100 years ago, humans were brought to the brink of extinction at the hand of the Titans, almost overnight...
  • jaeger
  • connie
  • titans
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Walls •Levi x Reader AU! • by Cambino3487
Walls •Levi x Reader AU! •by Cambino3487
Most Levi x Readers are the same. You are sweet, kind, and intelligent. Levi is the bad boy and leads a gang. Petra is a bitch who bullies you. Eren hits on you. Armin h...
  • aot
  • snk
  • mikasaxeren
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The Protector (Attack on titan x Titan!reader) by LournaWOF
The Protector (Attack on titan x T...by LournaErebus
You were a an Armoured Titan who would protect humans from your very own kind. Unlike any other Titans, instead of killing humans, you protect them, thinking they deserv...
  • hanji
  • armin
  • eren
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AOT Boys X Reader (DISCONTINUED) by -_AlphaBeast_-
AOT Boys X Reader (DISCONTINUED)by -_AlphaBeast_-
  • anime
  • reiner
  • titan
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BREAK OUT, ANNIE by imanihso
BREAK OUT, ANNIEby imanihso
This is my interpretation of a requested storyline made/plotted by one of my followers. I hope you all like it. This was not my idea it is just in my writing.
  • annie
  • love
  • snk
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Deep Connections - Levi x Reader by crumbee
Deep Connections - Levi x Readerby Crumbs
Y/N has always strived to be her very best, In hope to make her parents proud. But starts to strive harder when her town, Shiganshina falls. She decides to join the trai...
  • leviackerman
  • surveycorps
  • snk
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The Shadow Titan(Aot 2 Annie Leonhardt x male reader) cont. by imanihso
The Shadow Titan(Aot 2 Annie Leonh...by imanihso
(Part 2)READ WEAKNESSES FIRST!!!! Both contain lemon If you have not read it go read it before this It starts where you and Annie left off. I dont own snk aot lemon warn...
  • dark
  • shingekinokyojin
  • attackontitan
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Found (Aot 8 Mikasa Ackeman X Male Reader) by imanihso
Found (Aot 8 Mikasa Ackeman X Male...by imanihso
This is the next part in my Aot series. Please read my Aot series 1-7 before this. It will continue Stalker and Mikasa's side of the story as they team up with none othe...
  • reader
  • love
  • pain
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Orders | Levi x Reader  by SoleStories
Orders | Levi x Reader by ❄️ Ari ❄️
Suns had always been known to be the brightest light, but anyone whose ever met one particular girl would know her smile conquered all. She loved and cared for anyone...
  • arminarlert
  • titanshifter
  • erenjaeger
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Humanity's Future by _Rainy_Melody
Humanity's Futureby ~Rainy~
»Sequel of both 'Flying on Her Wings' and 'Humanity's Savior'« Spark has been encased within her diamond prison for many years. What the Survey Corps didn't know...
  • spark
  • jaeger
  • guardian
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Attack On Titan On Instagram ✔️ by thatagenderkid
Attack On Titan On Instagram ✔️by Heather McNamara 💛
2nd book in the '...on Instagram' series. Ships and users in first chap! -That non-binary kid Disclaimer! I don't own Attack On Titan! All rights go to owner! STARTED:...
  • reibert
  • attackontitan
  • shingekinokyojin
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Attack On Titan X Reader One shots by Cambino3487
Attack On Titan X Reader One shotsby Cambino3487
A bunch of one shots I have decided to write. I don't own cover image or any art used in this story. I don't own AoT/SnK or its characters.
  • romance
  • sasha
  • feels
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Coda (Aot 10 series finale) ( Annie Leonhardt and Mikasa Ackerman X Male Reader) by imanihso
Coda (Aot 10 series finale) ( Anni...by imanihso
Read WEAKNESSES FIRST!!!!!. This is the 10th and final part of the Aot series and it will contain some Annie extras. Read aot 1-9 before this one. It brings me great sad...
  • mikasa
  • shadow
  • stalker
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Levi's Secret (LeviXOC) [COMPLETED] by RSE_ME
Levi's Secret (LeviXOC) [COMPLETED]by MJ
Levi Ackermam is the said strongest soldier of humanity. He exceeded the title and proved himself worthy of the title, however there is one who rivals him. Hazel Braugst...
  • attackontitans
  • shiganshinatrio
  • titans
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Attack on Titan: Monster ( x Male Reader) by rg808guy
Attack on Titan: Monster ( x Male...by Clayton Kuhlmann
Note: this is a (x Male Reader) book/story. You are a 12 year old Kid with a past that is unheard of. Most records on you can't be found, but why is that and why do you...
  • xreader
  • action
  • attackontitan
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Levi x Reader One-shots by Heichou_is_smol
Levi x Reader One-shotsby levi's
Levi x reader one shots By: Angela-Chan •Some may contain smut / lemon but not too serious •Requests are open, comment it on the latest chapters/one-shots available! •Fe...
  • imagines
  • jean
  • mikasa
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