Dares! Various aot characters!

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I have plucked dares from the internet and am writing how I think aot characters would react to them.

"Eren, we dare you to make a prank call to your mum." (Let's pretend she's alive TT^TT)

"What! No way!" Eren fought back. "Just do it eren." Mikasa said plainly. He sighed and flipped out his phone.

It rung three times before she picked up,"hello? Eren?" She question confused yet happy. "Ah, ma... Uh--.." Eren didn't know what to say. He looked up to see y/n gesturing to her stomach and making a hand signal over it to arch over her stomach and mouth something.

"I turned fat?" Eren said questioning y/n. She face palmed and said in a low whisper,'pregnant'. He made a bright face and nodded. "I- uh.. Got someone pregnant, is what I meant." Suddenly the phone went berserk and all you could hear were screams.

Eren cut the line.

"That didn't go very well..." Connie said.

"Let's not do that ever again." Jean stated. For once they both agreed.

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