Nurse reader x levi: excuses

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Levi was a very rough man. He wasn't soft and was always hard on cadets. Compared to you he was a demon.

You were soft and angelic. You had that kind tone to your voice that not even an angel could match. To Levi's eyes you beat any goddess that had been spoken.

Your touch was like feeling heaven. Just breathing around you was a sin.

Everyday, levi would round up back to the infirmary ever since he had visited you that one time. The day that he lost his squad.

You had already heard about this and treated him double over the usual dose of kindness.

You would hear the most weird excuses. Like:
"I got a paper cut while doing paper work"
"A titan slammed me"
"I cut myself from my blades"
"Eren accidentally turned into a titan again."
"I tripped"
"There was a fight between the cadets and I had to stop it"

Even though you would never question his bizarre excuses he would spurt them out without second thought.

You were treating eren, he had been kicked in the 'nuts' by jean in-between his fight.

The door slammed open and levi did not look pleased. He didn't look to have any injuries.

"Levi?" You asked lifting your head. Erens eyes widened at the sight of him and his cheeks turned fifty shades of red (did you get it)

Levi marched toward you with an annoyed look in his forever cold eyes.

"I have a head ache." He answered your none existent question. You nodded and motioned for him to take a seat-even though there were other nurses to help him, you knew he waned you in particular.

You pressed the pack of ice on Erens junk and while he strained a smile of delight.

Levi had the darkest aura eren had ever seen. He had been with levi for quite some time, and never has he seen this much of dark aura around him.

His eye was twitching and his hands were clenched to the point of then turning even paler than usual.

His teeth were clenching and you could hear a low quiet growl.

'Theres only one thing to do' he thought to himself. Flinching at the though.

His next movement made eren gape with a wide mouth. A bewildered expression adorned his face.

Levi slammed his hands on his member and made a cry of pain.

"Shit! Fuck!" He grunted almost regretting his movements.

But when you turned you attention immediately to him his regret washed away immediately.

"Levi! Oh my gosh are you okay?" Your soft voice was music to his ears. He roughly shook his head.

You gave eren the ice pack and flashes him an apologetic look. He smiled as if to say it's okay.

You bolted to get another ice pack and soothingly rubbed it on Levi's stuff.

'This is how it's supposed to be...' He though silently smugly smirking,'yup , I like this.'


Sorry, this is just a Drabble. It's not a legit one! HOPE YOU ENJOY ;3

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