Levi x demon! Reader. Part 1

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When you make a deal with a demon life is a lot easier.

This was the first thing levi noticed when he had accepted the contract when you saved him from the grasps if a titan.

"Good morning master." You stood at the end of his bed standing straight. Yet you were still as short as ever. You had adjusted your features from the first time you had met him to appear more human like.

"Did you stand there the whole night? That's fucking creepy you know?" He scrambled out of bed. You were at his side with his clothes in less than a second.

"Demons do not sleep, master." You bowed your head and watched him undress. He awkwardly shifted while he unbuttoned his shirt.

"Would you quit fucking staring at me? Are you a pervert or something?" He snarled and his scowl deepened.

You propped your head to the side and kept the cool facade,"forgive me, master." He sighed heavily and finished up brushing his hair to the side,"and stop addressing me as master. It'll cause a stir with the cadets."

Your head twisted to meet his,"very well, levi." His eyes narrowed smaller,"and what's your name?" Your eyes widened and you looked down,"I'm unable to answer that, levi."

"And why is that." He questioned angrily,"because, giving you my name gives you full control of me. I cannot allow that." You retorted almost shamefully.

"fine. Answer this instead." He scrunched his brows and looked to the ground before flickering to your curious eyes.

"Why me?"

A malicious grin stretched on your once straight lips. A pang of fear weighed his chest and a feeling of utter fear and terror came upon him.

Your eyes turned completely black with a red pupil and white veins scattered. The demon eyes his eyes met with at first sight. He had to clamp his mouth shut to keep a scream from curdling in his throat. Your aura was truly overwhelming.

Your demon eyes looked into his soul and hunger groaned deep in your stomach. You had never seen such a depressed soul, so much anger, sadness, purity and darkness. He was neither good nor evil, but both completely in the same. It was so rare to find a soul like his and you had to pounce before anyone else got to him.

"Because..." Your tongue circled your lips and your eyes screamed absolute hunger. You creeped forward, levi felt crippled under your stare completely defenceless. He had never felt so scared besides his first meet with you in the black abyss.

Your arms wrapped around his neck and you took a long whiff of his scent, letting your tongue trail to his stiff jaw.

"your soul is absolutely tantalising and delicious looking." You peppered kisses to his jaw. Your voice had completely changed from the devoid of emotion. Now it was just hunger and pure insanity," I just couldn't help myself. I'm not a bad girl, I swear." It was high pitched and hurt his ears, his gaze was hazy. He had to narrow his eyes, his eyes just wanted to shut to keep it away from your gaze.

"Levi, say my name. Please, say it. I wanna hear it from your lips, only yours." Your body was so pressed against his he couldn't move, he didn't even want to. His breathing was getting deep.

He finally got back his senses and ripped himself away from you and pushed you away.

"I don't know it!" He screamed. His eyes shut. The room was completely silent. His eyes opened to see you were back to normal, your eyes devoid of emotion. The aura wasn't suffocating, he could breath.

"We should go and eat breakfast. Master" your lips curved to a devilish smirk at the last world. His eyes scrutinising as you passed. Disgust written over his face.

Levi had come to hate that word for some reason. It gave off a sickening feel, making his stomach flip. Though he kept quiet none-the-less.

She waited by the door, the usual mindless look of her's. He passed her without second thought and listened to her footsteps following his.

They reached the mess halls in record time, Hanji and Erwin were engrossed in a conversation. Hanji seemed to be very into the conversation so he guessed it had something to do with titans. Meanwhile mike looked less than interested.

Levi strutted to the table with y/n close to his heel. He had gotten used to her following nature. Her presence felt like nothing but thin air, to others she seemed almost invisible. But to levi she stuck out like a sore thumb. She seemed hard to miss, her eyes held that look that sent his skin to crawl. She had this distinct aura around her like no other.

They proceeded to sit down, y/n kept quiet as usual never touching her meal. Everything seemed in place. Levi distastefully complained about how shitty the food was while Hanji glimmered about titans as-per-usual. Nothing out of the ordinary from the past week.

Levi's eyes caught sight of someone else's. Armin seemed to be eying y/n. She didn't notice, or more likely really didn't care. The thought that armin was coming on to him struck him and he became angry, agitated even.

The day passed normally, the only thing that struck out was armin eyes on y/n, but that could be excused. He had no real evidence so levi had nothing to be worried about. Night eventually fell and the day had passed.

"Get the hot water running." He ordered y/n. She merely nodded and left to go do so. Levi undressed himself and picked up a towel then went in.

He saw the bucket full of water ready to be used while you stood to the side waiting for him.

He sighed, he always hated this bit. For some reason he felt embarrassed to have you watch him. He should be used to this, it's been a week now.

He let the towel dropped and you went to pick it up. He sat down and waited for you to wash him.

It's not like he couldn't do it himself, but you insisted you do it for him. You undressed un- shameful to showing off your body. Levi wondered whether his face was red because of the heat or because you stood there naked.

You swirled around him to his back, sitting down and picked the cup scooping water and letting it fall to his sides. He flinched at the sudden heat but stayed quiet of complained. You took the soap and rubbed it along his back. He shivered in delight but felt guilty for liking the feeling of your soft hands smoothing out his skin. It felt wrong almost.

Rubbing up and down his back you let your hands roam to his shoulders, rubbing and massaging them to loosen the tension. "You shouldn't be so stressed, master. Your shoulders are very tense" you noted to him. He scowled,"don't tell me what to do. You are not permitted to giving orders." He retorted, but felt the guilt swell.

You led your hands to his neck smothering him with yourself. After finishing his back he did the rest himself. Dropping water after he finished you bathed yourself and the both of you left to get dressed.

The dressing was dead silent, the silence was uncomfortable and led on even until bed. Levi waited for his restless sleep but his eyes laid open.

Questions started to bubble him and he decided to bother you with them,"do you die?" He asked stoically. Your eyes gleamed in the darkness and he gulped regretting that he asked.

"Only two things decide that. Humans or lucifer." You answered slowly. "How can a human be able to kill you?" He grunted.

"If the demon falls in love with the human and cannot fulfil the contract deal and take the humans soul the demon will die." She answered again.

Levi fell asleep with that thought.


I didn't know how they bathe so I made it up myself.

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