Special 25k views. Valentine levi x reader

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Okay so I'm gonna do special 25k chapters with character you will suggest to have a valentine with ^_^. I'm putting levi first because his an obvious choice but you guys comment which AoT character you would like next!

Levi: you do know nobody fucking cares if you have 25k views or not, right?

Hey! It's a special milestone and I think I should be happy :(

Armin: 25k is a lot kat, I think you did well.

Thank you armin (o u <)

___okay, now we start! Ready eren!

Eren: hai... =_="

*eren slaps the action*

Hey! Not so roughly.

Mikasa: Kat we're starting.


Okay okay! Go!

_____ (Q A Q)••• levi is so mean...___


(Keep in mind levi is super OOC. I don't know, my magic isn't working.) *proceeds to aggressively shake wand* WHY DONT YOU WORK! THIS WORKED IN HARRY POTTER

Was there anything you dreaded more than valentines? What a way to completely ruin a good February. Not only did you never actually have a date but you had to put up with cutesy couples all day showing public display of affection and feeling sorry for yourself.

As you trudged past girls bickering over the trivial matter of the day that's going to be tomorrow, you tried to shake the thought of another lonesome year.

Walking through the gates to feel a slight feeling of being watched. Hm... Maybe it's just me? No! I shouldn't say that, they do that all the time in movies and it never does anything good for them.

Opening the shoe locker you sighed and slipped your shoes in changing them for others. Not noticing the small piece of paper that was slipped in there.

Closing it and turning you were greeted with somewhat hopeful eyes that soon disappeared with a masking stoic gaze.

Jumping slightly in surprise you greeted him,"oh, levi. Good morning." You smiled kindly. He nodded and stayed silent. This was unusual for the man. Despite his cold appearance and stoic matter he actually talked quite a lot.

"Are you alright?" You spoke once again, leaning forward to get a better look at him. He pushed you back by the shoulders and gulped down his worry.

Masking his embarrassment he replied,"I'm fine y/n. Why?" You looked at him indifferent and started to walk with him to the classroom you both shared.

Shrugging,"I don't know, you just seem quieter today." His eyes looked thoughtful but he stayed silent.

Once reaching the classroom you both seated. Levi was seated two seats away from you.

Taking a seat and waiting for the others to file in levi took this moment to think.

She must've not gotten the note. What do I do now? I was holding everything on that chance! Holy shit need to stay calm... Um. Um. I can't possibly ask her myself?!

(Levi: this is not me? Me: shh shh, it's getting good.)

"Tch. Why do women need to be so difficult. Damn brat. She must have a screw loose or she's blind, there was no why she couldn't of seen that note!" He kept muttering to himself.

"Eh, did you say something levi?" Hanji asked next to him,"nothing shitty glasses. Go back to potion making or some shit." Levi dismissed her. Hanji grinned cheekily.

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