Armin x reader. The bus stop

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I know this girl at the bus stop. I don't know her name, nor age. But I do know she goes to my school.

Her head was always in a book, and head phones seemed to be glued to her ears.

Her eyes always in a daze, a tired gaze. A gaze of a dreamer.

she was that kind of beauty that couldn't be described by any words in a dictionary, (h/l) hair that was (h/c). Her face seemed so vibrant.

She seemed so radiant even in the darkest of corners.

Every day, on the for of 7:00 she would sit at the bus stop with her head stuffed in the books.

I would just stare at her, until our bus came and then id stare at her some more.

After school, the bus was later than usual, I sat next to her at an isolated bus stop were no one seemed to come.

Gazing at her in all her glory i mustered up what little courage I had left and cleared my throat.

"E-excuse me." I uttered, she popped her head up from her book and rose a questioning eye brow.

Her (e/s) locking on mine, it made me shiver just under her stare,"d-do you... Ha-have a n-n-name!" I squeezed my eyes shut, I opened them to see her eyes widened slightly and cheeks tinted with pink.

She slowly lowered the book and closed in on her lap.

She nodded once,"my name is (y/n)." She spoke, her voice was so soft, melodious. It was like music dancing in my ears.

This only made me blush more.

"A-ah! Well then (y-y/n)! My name is-" she cut me off before I had the chance to finish,"I know your name. Your armin right?" She spoke, eyes still quite murky.

My mouth parted and closed once more,"h-how do you know.." I asked squeezing the hem of my shirt.

"Your the schools smartest, just above me actually." She stated shifting her head to the side to look at the grey sky. Her eyes darkened and slanted slightly.

"S-so your (y/n) (l/n)?!" I exclaimed a bit loudly. He eyes averted to me and she nodded.

"Wow! I-it's an honour! I always see you- you on the bus, a-and.." I ran out of words. Her eyes brows were raised and eyes draining back to colour.

The bus rolled by, it's tires screeching against the street floor. The door opened.

Before she stepped up the steps she swiftly turned her head, hair flying in the process and flashed my a celestial smile.

It was full of beauty, love and passion.

And I don't think I'll ever forget that.

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