Levi x reader

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"I can't keep falling for you forever, eventually I'll have to hit the ground. It's up to you whether you catch me or not."

Where do I begin? The long infatuated stares I would give him were supposed to get my point across. I was always good at hiding my feelings, those kind of things never bothered me. But getting feelings, I had never had to deal with that before. The time where I thought I fell in love was a year ago. I took every opportunity I had and soaked in the memory. He had that kind of burning passion, he was quick to act but always seemed to have conflict in difficult situations. He reminded me like a fire. A beautiful red flame that could burst in any second. That is what I saw in his eyes. I had tried so desperately to make him look my way, it was incredible how amazingly dumb he could be. Even his friend Mikasa liked him, and she made it incredibly obvious. so how did I even stand a chance?

I sat next to him for a year, watched him for a year, fell in love with him for a year. In a span of a year I had never thought something so beautiful could happen. But the year after that we had to move seats, and although the distance of a desk between us made me miss his scent of lovely green even more, i tried to think the better of it and thought about how i was lucky there was only a desk to separate us.

That year was the year I sat next to Levi. He was a shadowing figure and reminded me much of the ocean, the Opposite of the burning like fire Eren was, but in its similarities, he was very much the same. Although Levi was calmer than Eren, he still held those burning eyes Eren had, although with a soothing touch to it. He was like the calm before the storm and his presence reminded me of the still of night. Levi, was the kind that was hard to communicate with. Like me, his emotions were often un-clear and he held a stillness in his actions.

At first I didn't even think about connecting with him. When did I ever stand a chance, especially with his cold demeanor. But, he was always looking at someone. The person had light auburn hair and a light in her classy golden eyes. She smiled at every boy and wooed them to an extent. Her presence reminded me much like Krista's innocence. When I saw that his eyes traveled to her and that undeniable small smile he would have when he saw her was enough to tell me he too had fallen with someone.

I think I felt like his situation was much similar to mine, I felt a large urge to help him because when I saw his eyes I would see the reflection of myself. When I had approached him that day I planned on asking him for help and in return I would help him.

"Help me." It sounded like I was running away from a serial killer, if you put the words out of context. Levi looked at me like I was ludicrous."what the fuck are you on about, brat?" He said brat like it was my name, but I brushed the such insult off. "I want you to help me, I like someone, and I know you like someone too. We can help each other out." I stated. He scoffed, saw humor in the idea of this situation. "And why would I need a shitty girl to help me?" He said finally stopping to face me,"and what gave you the idea I liked someone." It didn't sound like a question. Instead of getting down i continued to pester him. "I can help you with Petra, and you can help me with Eren. Look, we're both on the same boat here. We're both no good when it comes to showing our emotions." I said it, I said the words I had practiced in the mirror prior this hour. "we can help each other. I'm sure you've thought about it right? to be with her." when i had said that i could see the tiny flush in his cheeks, and although his irked look gave me chills, I found the small fondness in his eyes when he thought about her admirable.

"I'm leaving." he stated before turning casually and walked off. I held a small smile, knowing that i had won the battle that was never really declared. happy with the achievement, I walked off farther into the school to return back home. Levi was just like that. the kind that would never really give up and admit defeat forwardly, i guess he held that kind of childish touch in his all too serious behavior. but i was much like that too.

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