Levi x dead!reader. Remeber me.

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So I promised an armin one-shot. But I came up with this one while trying to sleep lol. Next armin one shot is going to be. Artist!armin x reader


"WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?!" He screamed sprinting to your hospital door,"please sir! Please calm down!" The nurses pleaded scared for their lives, his face held such distress even a strangers heart broke at the sight of the totally shattered man.

His eyes held a hallow soul, face etched with worry as he stretched his hand out trying to pull away from the doctors and nurses that held him back from your door.

"Please just try to calm down!" They repeatedly say, but he'd never stop fighting, he'd never stop trying to get back to you.

It was truly a horrifying sight. Once a doctor left the room with a Solemn look of sadness levi had shattered, he rushed to the doctor gripping his collar, he could already tell that she was gone by the look in his eyes.

But he wouldn't believe it, he wouldn't believe that you were gone. He just couldn't.

He slowly stepped in the room, your face drained from all colour it once held but even then he still saw you as the most beautiful thing his laid eyes on.

His feet dragged as he walked Past the curtains. A letter held close to you chest.

He slowly slipped it away from you as a single tear rolled down his cheeks.

Dear levi.

I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry I couldn't tell you. I tried once, remember the time I asked you what you would do if I died?

*Flash back* 11 years old.

You laid on Levi's lap a smile tugged on your lips, his face looked relaxed, one of the rare moments his face wasn't scrunched up in dis taste.

You reached up and caressed his soft cheek, it tinted pink but you didn't mind.

His eyes held curiosity, you smiled,"levi..." You called out softly,"what would you do... If I left this world?" You asked slowly, giving him time to sink in the words.

He snapped, he quickly grabbed your hand from his cheek and took it in his, staring at it, as if it was the most fragile thing in the world.

He softly touched, with an angelic touch,"don't say such things y/n" it broke you when you saw his eyes glassy.

So you decided to keep shut.


I really wanted to tell you, tell you I didn't have long before I had to leave. But the look in your eyes, meant I had to stay as long as I could.

I just kept thinking.

Just a little more time, a little more time. That's all I need, a little more time.

But time waits for no one, and I was not an exception.

I'm sorry levi. I really didn't want to let go, I wanted to see you smile more, cry more, laugh more.

I wanted to see so many more things with you, I wanted to do so many new fun things we could share together, more memories we could make.

I'm so sorry... So very sorry I couldn't hold on any longer.

Haha... I know by the time you read this that I'll already be gone- but I want to ask one thing of you. Just, one more wish, and I know it's selfish.

Please remember me.

I also want you to move on, I want you to meet new people, and don't hold yourself back because of me. I know your strong, but you don't always have to be.

Please, I love you so much, and I'll continue to love you even more and more.

I'll always wait for you.


Love, y/n.

He finished the letter a sobbing mess, looking down he stared at your face caressing your cheek, twirling strings of your hair in his fingers.

"You fucking idiot..." He muttered.

"You asked more than one promise stupid." He cried.

"And of course I'll remember you." He wailed hugging you tightly.

"How could I ever fucking forget someone so stupid!" He yelled kissing your forehead.


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