Eren x reader x levi: part 2

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You were sitting uncomfortably on the wooden chair, it was defiantly giving you splinters against your bare skin,"hey are you guys going to give me any clothes?! I've been basically naked for hours!" I yelled impatiently, the boy that I soon learned whose name was eren sighed and looked down.

"Uhm... Yes just please wait a moment." He said whilst he stood himself up, the rest stared at me silently.

Levi, eren, Hanji, mike and Erwin. Those were the names I had learned so far, those were the only other names I've learned so far.

Levi and Erwin stared at me stoically, while Hanji was smiling creepily at me, to be honest she really was starting to scare me, was she some type of pervert? Mike had left to go calm down the cadets about the whole situation.

I shifted in my seat uncomfortable under their intense gazes.

"So... What's your name?" Hanji asked smiling clasping her hands together. I gathered in the surrounding, a table separating the three from me. Concrete walls and wooden flooring, the whole setting seemed mid-evil.

"Well... I don't really remember anything to be honest." I sighed averting my eyes,"well ain't you fucking useful." Levi snarled at you intimidatingly, your eye twitched, you really had started to take a disliking to the rude man, even though it was just a number of hours ago you both had met, it was setting to night time, and you really just wanted to go back to sleep.

"I'm sorry but I'm feeling quite scared, and your ducking attitude isn't helping much either!" You retorted standing up placing your hands on the rough surface of the table, the screeching sound of the chair gliding against the wood, the sound made you cringe but you stood tall... Well short.

The short man named levi stood up and clicked his tongue,"listen her you little brat-" you cut him off acting offended,"hah?! Me? Little, better look in the mirror leprechaun!" You yelled back, smirking,"what the fuck did I tell you about commenting about my height-" he was cut off again by the door slowly creaking open.

The both of you clicked your tongue and sat back down crossing your arms over your chest, eren stood awkwardly and lifted the clothes,"hah... Sorry did I interrupt something??" He asked nervously, you grinned and stood up.

You jolted to eren and snatched the clothes off him,"thanks man!" You were about to leave before you we're stopped by that snarky voice,"and where the fuck do you think your going?" The voice sounded smug.

You gripped the clothes tightly and snapped your head back angrily, cracking your neck in the process but you were so done with him you didn't even care,"what?! Do you want me to stay naked? Pervert!" You smirked and walked off bringing dragging eren with you because you didn't know where you were going.

Smiling while you walked you let go of Erens arm, the the rough thuds of his leather boots against the floor clashed against your whispering padder of your bare feet against the wood.

The only thing draped on you was his jacket that didn't really cover much, it was seriously embarrassing but you got used to it.

You snuggled the clothes close to your chest, eren made a sharp turn and stopped in front of a wooden door plain and just like all the others,"this is my room but you can use it" eren informed.

You grinned widely and nodded your head,"thanks eren." He opened the door and you stepped in, you turned behind you,"you share with others?" You asked gesturing to the bunk bed, he nodded,"yeah but his busy so I don't think he'll walk in, besides I'm right outside the door." You nodded in approval watching as he closed the door.

You unfolded the clothes neatly and stripped yourself from the sweaty muddy jacket and quickly changed into the faded red dress, it looked more like a long t shirt but it fit snugly and anything way better than that thin cloth hoody.

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