Fucktationship. Levi x reader

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Levi wrapped his arms over you, his bare chest pooled with sweat. You traced circles along his chest, with mumbles of sweet nothing being left in your ear.

You were falling. falling too deep. This was supposed to be a non romance relationship. This was supposed to be just sex, sex, sex and then some more sex.

It was never meant to go this far. Yet his ragged breaths, and breathy moans gave you life. His touch left a trail of fire on your skin and his wild hair gave you life.

His piercing gaze both memorized you intimidated you. Yet laying here, snuggling together in a tight embrace. Your leg between his thighs, hair intertwined with his.  Pretending to be in love for just one night, then the next day you both would leave and go your separate ways . Until the next time you both feel lonely and touch deprived.

Fuck buddy, a slave to the feeling of pleasure.

Sweaty caverns, moans and groans. It was what you lived for. but now what you looked forward to was just, laying here.

Silent, happy. Pleasured, by just being with him, seeing him. Hearing him.

He cupped your face, his eyes flickered onto yours. He leaned in and placed a small chaste kiss on your eager lips, and all was right with the world.

Ahoy boys! This is a realllyyyy old chapter thst i just flicked through and edited a bit. I hope you like it even though it was short. I know it's been I while since you last saw me but heyyy???

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