King levi x princess reader, part 1

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"He asked to bring a princess." Our father spoke, he was usually happy and weird but right now he seemed to be serious, which was very different.

My face shifted to uncertainty, the dark king? One of my sisters, or me, would have to get married to the dark king.

It sent shivers roll down my spine,"why can't he get a different kingdom to marry him?!" I retorted my hands becoming clammy.

Father shrugged,"though... This is a good opportunity, please... Do it for the kingdom." He spoke softly and subtle to ease our worries.

Kenoko suggested something,"how about we do a Rock Paper Scissors on it?" She grinned, bringing her hand up to start.

The other two and me nodded determined faces plastered on our features,"rock!" "Paper!" "SCISSORS!" We yelled in unison.

Three rocks against a scissor,"n-no way! This is impossible!" I yelled looking down at my side ways peace sign.

"Oh you lost (y/n)" rika grinned evilly,"oh you get to marry the dark prince!" Kenoko said whilst clasping her hands over her cheeks,"I'm so jealous!" Shina said smiling,"if you guys are so jealous why don't you marry him!" I yelled angrily.

"No way! Do you know what they say about him! They say he tortures anyone he thinks looks at him funny!" Shina said spookily," they say his bold and has horns on his head!" Rika gasped,"is he even human?!" I asked.


I sighed my breath ran cold and my air hitched in my throat, I looked around, they dark street lamps loomed on the wet streets, it looked so depressing...

I stepped forward to the kingdom castle, my breath heave and my heart thumping uncontrollably.

I felt nervous, and couldn't help but feel scared, the dark king sounded scary and I didn't want to have to marry him.

But they left me with no choice.

"Hello? Are you the princess (y/n)" a man said in a butler uniform, hands gloved, glasses rimmed over his eyes, and a warm greeting smiled they seemed anything but real.

"A-ah, yes." I nodded and he opened the door to let me step inside. It was dark and spooky.

My eyes skimmed over the contents of my new home.

"This way please." The biter bowed gesturing his hand to a certain direction.

Not objecting you stepped forward and started heading to the dark side of the grand palace.

The doors toward over you, the butler pushed them open and they gave out a long eerie whisper.

"Welcome, you must be (y/n), am I correct?" A sound boomed at the other side, you bowed you head,"yes that's correct."

Listening to his footsteps edging closer to you, with each thump of his foot rang a thump in your heart getting faster and faster.

You looked up at him as his body loomed in the light,"I am levi Ackerman, also known as the dark king."

You stifled a laugh, this was the dark king? He was much... Shorter than you anticipated.

"Y-your the dark king?!" You giggled, you burst out into a howling laughter, his face etch with annoyance,"h-how dare you laugh at me!" He scolded face clearly out raged.

You halted your giggling,"sorry.." You bowed, and looked up and smiled, his eyes softened for a bit and then went stone hard .

"Get some rest, there is work to be done tomorrow." He spoke firmly.


Your eyes fluttered open and felt the bed shift next to you, gasping at the sight before you.

There he was levi in all his glory, shirtless under the bed covers. His face looked so calm.

Your own face heated up drastically, as pink painted your cheeks.

"Wha-what are you doing here?!" You yelled pushing him off,"argh!" He grunted,"a-and!!!! N-NAKED?!" You shouted pointing down, luckily the covers covered his lower zone but that didn't change the fact he was naked.

"What? Isn't it normal for married couple to sleep together?" He asked as if it was nothing, you had no words.

"G-get out!" You yelled, he smirked as a idea popped into his head.

Be slowly crawled over to you, looking quite seductive,"not until you give me a kiss" he asked, more like demanded. Gesturing to his lips.

"N-no way!" You grunted, he fell back onto the pillow,"fine then, I won't get out." He said childishly,"just get out please!" You begged.

He just went back and pointed to his lips, you averted your eyes uncertain, then swan them back to his.

You slowly moved closer but hesitated, and stopped, but just not a second later after you stopped he pushed in and his lips met yours.

they were soft and delicate, his hands crept to your waist and your heart raced.

You had barley met the man and he was kissing you?!

This was insane.


Part 2 coming out soooooon :3

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