Levi x cleaning reader

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Cleaning duty?? Again?? What have I done to deserve this!!

Those were the thoughts that swarmed my head as I trudged past all the cadets heading to corporals room, he always assigned me for cleaning and every time it was his room!

And what's worse is that he made me do it over and over again, he would just sit there sipping his tea behind me while I continued to clean for what? The 5th time?!

I sighed heavily as I came to a stop in front of his door, it's not that I didn't like being Levi's "personal maid"- that's what my friends were calling me, but it was starting to get annoying, I wasn't a janitor I'm a solider.

"Name and business." I heard him reply from behind the door after I gave a subtle three knocks,"(y/n) (l/n) sir! For uhm- cleaning-" i stumbled over my words until he disrupted me,"come in.".

I opened the door gingerly and slipped inside, I had already prepared the cleaning supplies, I sat them in the middle of his room, he sat at his desk like always with a tea cup placed beside his paperworks.

He peered up from the paper and smirked, I sighed and averted my eyes back to the cleaning supplies.

I took the rug and dipped it into the water that bubbled with cleaning stuff.

I then began on my all fours and started to relentlessly scrub the floor powering through with it, this time! This time I'll defiantly only have to do it once!

A wide grin stretched on my face at the thought of levi praising me for my handy work, although I knew all to well that was likely not going to happen.

I didn't realise that I started to sway my hips side to side but I didn't really matter, I just kept on scrubbing unknown to the pair of eyes that were burning holes at my back.

Fuck why does she have to be so damn distracting, I bet that brats doing it on purpose, and I had have so much work to get done. Levi thought to himself as he observed you, truth be known the only reason why he asked you all the time to clean his office was because he liked you, not that he'd ever admit that to himself, his always just told himself that he was ONLY sexually attracted to you, after all he was a man.

But whenever he would catch that smile his hear ran fast, and he'd start to feel flustered, his stomach knotting whenever he would hear your sweet melodious voice ring in his ears at the sound of his name slipping out of your lips.

He sighed a sigh of pleasure at the thought and sank deeper into his cushioned chair, but he was snapped out of his daydreams when he saw that you were staring at him weirdly, he cleared his throat and stoned his stare quickly going back to his paperwork.

His ears perked up when he heard shuffling coming from your end of the room, you sat up and rinsed away the none existent dirt from the rag and began scrubbing the other end of the room.

Starting with the left corner of the room, Levi's gaze never left your back, he watched with his head perched on his hands, his body stiffened when he realised that he had been staring for too long and that he started to become stiff.

He picked up the tea cup in his usual strange manner in attempt to distract himself from you, the silence between the two had become deafening, and although you enjoyed it you were not of a talker.

"Hey corporal." You started, perching your self in a position to gaze at him, his looked up from his tea cup and raised a perfect eyebrow to tell you to go on.

"Why do you hold your cup that way?" You asked in the fashion for just conversation, levi took another sip from his tea and placed the cup down, gazing back at you once again,"no particular reason." He lied, you questioned him in your mind but didn't press any further.

There it was, that silence again, that ear piercing silence, talk, say something anything, was your thoughts.

You listened to the birds that whizzed past, you listened to the buzzing chatter of the cadets.

But the sounds soon faded, you sat there, no longer even cleaning, both of you just staring at one another, his eyes were softer than usual.

You listened to the fast pace of your heart, it's rhythm picking up a teacher minute that flies by, you had always admired levi, that was part of the reason why you didn't mind too much about being his "maid" for the past couple days, but I did annoy you to some extent.

The silence was broken and the words that escaped Levi's mouth left you breathless, time stopped and your heart jumped from your throat, blocking words from forming to answer him.

The light in his eyes shone brighter than expected, and the dust of red that dusted his cheeks was unmistakable.

You had no idea that this cleaning day was going to take a turn for the much better, you hoped that levi couldn't hear the drumming of your heart.

The small smile he plastered while he said those words and the softness and love in his eyes.

Your throat unclogged and you were sure you were as red as a tomato by now, time speeded back to its normal pace and you were glad you wished for him to say something.

You smiled while answering him in a hushed tone, and even though his feeling were so obvious you still had no idea, or rather didn't believe it.

But you were happy, and you looked happy because you were happy, while you said the four small words to answer his.

"I love you too."


Yeah this one was really bad but whatever, I didn't really know what to do with it and it took a quick turn to whatthefuckhappened ville, cause in all honesty I was just going with the flow.

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