Armin x reader

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Today you were at the liabary, your favourite place in the world.

You were here with your crush armin, you had always admired armin, his sea blue eyes, his cute frail figure, or his short blonde hair.

Whatever it was, you loved it all about armin, he was kind, sweet and generous.

He was currently helping you with homework, even though you weren't struggling in school, you didn't even come close to armin's straight A's.

He was close up, hands pointed at the dusty stained book that showed the things you needed to know about biology.

It was getting late, you slipped out your cell phone from your jean pocket and checked the time, 5:25.

Oh crap, it's pretty late, it should be getting dark soon .

"I'm sorry armin, I have to get home." You cut him off, he smiled and nodded in agreement,"sure, it's fine." He smiled warmly ,"thanks for helping me with my homework." You thanked him as you hurriedly packed your things.

Slowly getting up the chair made a screeching sound which made you wince.

Slinging the bag over your shoulder you and armin started to walk out the library.

"You want me to walk you home?" Armin asked pink dusting his cheeks, your own cheeks flared slightly,"a-ah, okay.." You muttered.

You both started to converse along the way when suddenly a hand gripped tightly around your arm.

"Hey pretty lady, why don't you hang out with me instead of this douche." A sleazy voice cooed in your ear.

Your voice hitched in your throat and your pupils dilated,"l-let go of me!" You fraught back the urge to slap the man.

Armin stopped frozen, his feet glued to the cold wet street floor of the city.

The man tightened his grimy hands around you and pulled you closer,"h-hey! I said, let go!" You cried, fear evident in your voice.

"P-please just let go of her!" Armin pleaded whimpering under the mans intense stare at you, you could already tell his disgusting thoughts.

"Who the fuck do you think you are kid!" The man snarled, snorting as he stared down at armin.

"Stop squirming you whiny brat!" He yelled at you, you then felt the stinging sensation hit you across the face, a red hand print started to form across your cheek.

You stumbled down to the ground,"STOP!" Armin yelled, which surprised you, he punched the man in the face, he stumbled back unconscious.

A low groan sound slipped out of his lips as he fell into sleep.

"(Y/n)! A-are you okay?!" He asked worriedly as he came to your aid, you nodded slowly gripping your hand across your face.

Armin helped you up,"come on let's get an ice for that, he hit you pretty hard huh?" He laughed humourlessly,"that old sicko packs a pretty mean punch." You laughed wrapping you arms around armins shoulder.

You could see his face heat up immensely,"hey armin?" You called softly, he swung his eyes to you,"yeah?"

"Thanks for saving me." You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him into a tight hug, tears rimmed your eyes as the thoughts swam into your head about what he could've done to you, about what would of happened if you hadn't accepted armins request to walk you home.

He stroked your hair as he felt his shirt slowly get drenched in salty water.

"(Y/n)?" He called, you lifted your head from his small chest looking into the sea blue eyes you loved, he made your heart skip beats, your cheeks flare and your head to fall into chaos.

And despite of all these things he inflicts on you, you still manage to love the hell out of this guy.

"I love you." He whispered, and before you could comprehend anything he pulled you in, his lips connecting with yours.

You didn't hesitate to return the kiss, your arms tightening, and your bodies pushed together.

You smiled as he let go of the kiss to a panting mess , you smiled one the both regained breath.

"Armin, I love you too."

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