Armin x reader. If you were mine

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Warning: angst.


If you were mine I'd buy you anything.

Armin stared at you longingly while you stared at the bracelet dazzled.

"Waah!~ it's so pretty!" You smiled as you picked it up gently staring at it.

"I-if you want.. I can get it for you." Armin stammered. You averted your gaze to he's and smiled.

"No, it's okay armin." You waved it off and placed the bracelet back softly. Armin sighed softly to himself while you walked away and turned to wait for him.You gave off a confused expression while he stared at the bracelet trying to gather the courage to pick it up and buy it for you.

"Armin, you coming?" You asked. His wall of courage tumbled once he heard your voice,"a-ah.. Yeah..." He turned and slowly walked back to you while you smiled.

If you were mine I'd keep you warm.

"It's chilly tonight..." Your teeth chattered as you rubbed your arms. Armin curled his icy fingers to his neck and felt the scarf. Pulling it off his neck he held it out to you with averted eyes.

You looked at the scarf conflicted.

"No-no.. I can't take that." You smiled and took it hooking it around arms small neck. His eyes widened as he stare at you while you tied it tightly around him.

"Besides.." You started dusting the scarf clean.

"It looks much better on you.

If you were mine, I would never make you feel alone.
Armin caught sight of you waiting on a park bench while he was taking a stroll.

He switched his path and walked toward you.

"Y/n, why are you alone? Are you waiting for someone?" Armin asked when he had reached you.

"Yeah.. I'm waiting for my boyfriend." You looked down and kicked a rock.

"Do you want me to wait with you?" He asked shifting nervously. You looked up with a kind smile making armins heart jump.

"No it's okay, he'll be here soon."
If you were mine id never make you cry.
Armin rubbed your back soothingly,"I just don't know what to do! I know he's cheating on me!" You cried while rubbing your eyes.

Armin hushed you with soothing words,"I just don't know what's wrong with me! Why can't he just love me and only me!" You leaned your head on armins shoulder. Armin combed your soft locks soothing your head.

But you aren't mine.

armin watched sadly while you held hands with another man with a large smile clinging to his arm lovingly.

He felt like a arrow had pierced his heart.

He wished you were his.

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