Levi x blind!reader

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A/N: I knew this already but I do a lot, and I mean like, A LOT, of levi oneshots... Whatever, armin oneshot coming up soon :)


I've always been blind, being unable to see things was never really a problem for me, I was born this way.

Since I was blind my other senses heightened incredibly, so I really didn't mind it.

This way was better, because I didn't care about looks-rather I couldn't see them, but none-the-less, this is better because I judge by personality.

That's why, I hated levi.

I often heard people fawning over him and his looks, but I couldn't judge him by that, so I judged him by his cruel and cold personality.

I hated everything about him, from his stupid poop jokes to the bleach like smell he always had.

He was cruel towards everyone, I could hear it in his tone, stoic and rude, always criticising everyone, I found him so un-bearable.

"y/n, are you even listening?" A voice rang threw you, the heat senses clouded your mind, the smell of dirt and sweat filled your nose.

"Yes eren, I am indeed listening." You responded calmly staring straight ahead.

"It's always amazed me how you can tell who your talking to y/n" this voice was more feminine, soft, innocent, yes, this was him, armin.

A smile tugged your at your lips,"thank you armin, it's not really all that hard." You replied sweetly.

He huffed a giggle. You reached four your spoon feeling for the cold silverware.

"You know you talk really fancy y/n" Erens loud voice blew in your ear, his breath tickled you even though he was probably not all that close.

"I was raised this way." You smiled tilting your head to the sound of his voice.

Lifting the spoon you dipped into where you memorised where the plate was, leaning forward closer you sensed for your body heat of your blows guiding the spoon to your mouth.

You could practically fell the eyes burn holes into your head,"please stop staring." You stated after the third scoop of soup.

Everyone coughed and you could hear the rustle of them turn their heads.

A giggle erupted while you placed a soft hand to your mouth, stopping you listened to the puffy breaths get closer.

Breathing, smelt like bread and Potatoes.

"Sasha, if you must has my bread you are free to take it." You smiled, you heard her flesh tug into a big grin as she quickly snatched the bread from your plate.

"THANKS y/n! YOUR SO NICE!" She yelled, you cringed at the loud sound almost bursting your ear drums,"oh crap! Sorry I forgot, I'll speak a little softer." She said whispering.

You smiled half heartedly and lifted yourself from your seat,"I'm going to go to bed now. Thank you for the meal." You declared bowing.

Everyone said their good nights and you felt your way through the halls outside.

You had already memorised every nook and cranny of the place, and it helped leaving the dining room earlier since it was a weaker chance of bumping into someone, even though you could probably hear them from a mile away.

Making your way to the front door you slipped into the night and sat down on the ground, feeling the grass brush underneath you, and the crickets chirp quietly in the night.

Feeling the breeze wind past you curling through your hair, brushing your ears leaving cold tickles and goose bumps spread across your body like stars in the night sky.

You jumped up slightly when you heard soft crying gurgles of choked groans filled with all the sadness in the world.

You could already recognise this cry, this voice, deep and gruff like no other.


"Whose there?" You pretended to play dumb, it would be quite the weird sight to see-more like hear, the stoic man cry.

You heard him shift as he bent his head up, he did not respond, in fear you would recognise his voice.

"Are you hurt? You can talk to me if so. I don't mind being a pair of ears." You spoke politely as you always do.

He cleared his throat, taking in thought about your offer.

'Shes blind right? There's no way she'll know, I'll just change my voice so she'll never know it's me.' Levi thought.

He cleared his throat once again,"I-I'm just... Remembering my deceased friends, it's their death anniversary." He said in a slightly lower voice than usual , but it cracked midway.

"Ah, I'm sorry to hear that." Your brows scrunched as your sighed, patting a patch of grass next to you,"would you like to sit with me?" You asked.

You could hear his hair shift up and down as he nodded, you hair danced as the wind brushed it.

You listened to the cracking grass underneath his shoes as he slowly made his way over to you.

"Care to tell me your name?" You asked wondering if he'll give himself in,"ivel..." He spoke softly, hah- that's a good one, that's just his name backwards, clever.

A smirk tugged your features,"I've never heard of you before ivel, are you new?" You asked leaning down to lay on the grass, you heard him shift to lay down next to you.

"No, I've been here for a while." He responded his voice slowly becoming to its usual emotionless stern voice.

"Oh, I don't know many people, that's probably why." You said smiling to yourself, sighing you breathed in the scent.

Bleach, it's almost like his Cologne.

"W-what's it like?" He asked, you've heard this question many times,"being blind? It's tiring, but I've gotten used to it, I've always been this way." You spoke your voice wavering to sadness.

"Is it hard killing titans?" He asked again,"well, it's scary, but people always help me, I can usually sense and hear them so I get by." You replied again.

"I admire you. I've seen you quite a lot, your very brave."

What? Did I hear wrong? Did levi really have feelings. What's this? Your heart skipped a beat, why does my cheeks feel so hot all of the sudden.

Silence engulfed you,"a-ah.. Th-thank you..." You've heard people say this many times before, but levi? Never, you've never even imagined him to say such things.

"Thank you for talking to me y/n." His voice was back, though it held so much more emotion, you could feel him tense at the mistake his made.

A smile graced your lips, a big one,"don't worry levi, I knew it was you from the start." You grinned.


This was cute, not very lovey Dovey though, sorry to disappoint :(

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