Student eren x bullied Reader: not okay.

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// okay I knew you were gonna read it anyway but it's best to skip to halfway through the book cause my first ones are cringy af. Also don't read the lemon//


You were getting beat up. Again. You
never knew why, you were nice, caring, even though you were shy and didn't talk much. But those things didn't matter, because no matter what you did, you would always be trapped.

you were shoved to the stone ground, after school hours were always the scariest part of the day, because you knew nobody would be able to stop them.

"Who do you think you are anyway?!" The blonde male spat, small brown beady eyes glaring at you. You shifted uncomfortable under their gaze.

A large evil grin stretched across their faces as one of them began to kick your sides, ribs aching, body feeling close to numbness just to fight the pain and not pass out.

You held your weak spots, and tears brimmed at the bridge of your eyes.

"HEY! KNOCK IT OFF!" You heard, your eyes snapped open in shock, you slowly lifted your aching head, red crimson blood stained all over your weak fragile figure.

"Oh shit! Let's get out of here!" The blonde leader ordered as they fled cowardly.

A brown haired boy with amazing emerald orbs that flashed worry,"hey! Are you okay" he asked kindly as he hurried to your side.

You meekly nodded,"t-thanks eren." You started,"it's okay, I'm used to it." You smiled. He Stopped in his tracks horrified.

"No." He stated harshly, after his gaze travelled from your bruised body he looked down to your (e/c) orbs.

"It shouldn't be! You shouldn't be okay!  Y- you.. You shouldn't be used to this shit!" He yelled, your eyes widened, eyes already glassy.

He hugged you softly stroking your hair,"I'm sorry... I'm sorry.. Next time, next time I'll fucking kill them." He cooed, his hot breath tickling your ears. Your cries muffled under his school jacket, his hair strayed over your forehead.

"I'm sorry (y/n), I'm so fucking sorry..." He cried softly drawing circle on your back.

"Why..." You cried again, no matter what you did, no matter how many times he tried who was never there on time, and it hurt you so deeply, it cut down to your heart. Even if you knew it wasn't his fault and he couldn't always be there.

You felt so guilty for being upset at him, but you just did. It never worked.

Because the truth was. You weren't used to it, even if you've felt this pain, you won't and never will, get used to it.


YEAH! I'm sorry this is so short, they weren't supposed to confess or anything because they already know about their love for each other! Hopefully future ones will be better! BYYEE

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