#6: Awwthentic Poetry Contest 2 - Second Prize Winner

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Second Prize Winner of Awwthentic Poetry Contest : oyinkan @I_Am_Stark

Her Submission : External Link

Her Other Works :


b) My Book Of Poetry I'll make Her Happy (Niall Horan Fanfic Written for Ivory_Lollipop)


d) I Want To Be Normal Again

e) Letters to the Banker

Her New Year Resolution : "Meet more people of like mind"

What's Next on Her Desk? :  "I'll just follow my pen to whatever adveture it takes."

Read her Interview and Don't forget to give your feedback. :) 

1) How old were you when you first began writing? What inspired

you into writing poetry?

12, I had read a poem called Love by Coleridge and with a little shove from my brother, i started composing poems

2) Tell us about your submission "Seasonal Differences".

Well, my poem was inspired by my muse and the love i felt but it was quite sad that our relationship (or the lack thereof) changed with the different seasons of the year. How one moment, we would be in love and the next i was faced with rejection.

3) Why is poetry important to you? What prompted you to begin writing poetry?

I think poetry became important to me, after i became addicted to Williams Wordsworth. I needed to write to live, i used to get tinglings in my fingers that won't stop till I had written a poem. What prompted me? Well, My brother had said poems sucked and i said i could write a poem that didn't suck and that was the beginning :)

4) How was the journey as the participant of the 'Awwthentic Poetry Contest?"

Being a part of the Awwthentic Poetry Contest was amazing. At first, i thought i wasn't going to meet the deadline because i felt that all the poems i had written weren't good enough but i eventually pulled through. I think the journey went really smooth with all the information, our host Awwthentic had put up.

5) Do you really given it a thought that you will win?

Did i think i'll win?! No! in fact i had a fear that i would be disqualified for my lack of talent. So you can imagine my surprise at coming second place

6) Did you read the poems other submitted in the contest? Which one is your favorite among them?

Yes, i read the other poems and i have to say that they were all amazing. Every poem seemed to have a unique touch. My favorite poem was 'Merry Christmas, Mom' by @CreepyAngel. It was so good. I was very happy that it took first place.

7) On the average, how long does it usually take you to create a poem from thought to completion?

On the average, i would say it depends on what 'm writing about. if the theme is love, i would take me less than an hour but on a general scale, let's say three days.

8) Has your idea of what poetry is changed since you began writing poems?

Yes, when i first began writing. i used to think poems had to rhyme but now I have developed a fondness for free verse poems.

9) Your favorite poem written by you and why.

my favorite poem written by me is called My Love but i like to call it the Coldplay Poem. It is my favorite because it was written in a moment of insecurity and jealousy. Here it is:

Up in the stars, is where I placed you.

I suppose that’s why your heart seems to get lighter as it gets dark.

In my imagination, there’s some kind of future for us.

This thought is mocked by my reality.

Sorcery, you must have

Because you leave me enchanted each time we speak.

You bend me and break me and then send me away

But at the end of the day I will back.

High walls protect your heart

Archers guard these walls, keeping people away.

Others turn away but yet I press on,

Cupid must have shot me with some love spell.

She writes you a poem and you are enticed,

I shall get you poetry itself!

Did not Coleridge say?

All thoughts, all passions, all delight?

She writes you a song and wins over your affection

By God! I shall get you music itself!

These words are mine,

This is my affection in a rant.

Shall I say to you?

Take it or leave it?

Certainly not!

I am but desperate for your love.

No other person’s smile

Can shine as bright as yours!

No other scent

Can ever bring me such joy!


That’s what I feel when I’m with you.

Coldplay stole those words from me

And sang it with a better voice.

Eyes as dark as midnight

Beauty in every sense of the word.

This is how I feel,

Accept it.

10) Do you sit and think through every word of every stanza or do you just write freely and allowing the words to flow?

I let the words flow freely (just like pee) and when i'm done, i look back on what i have written if it meets my standards

11) Are there any forms you haven't tried but would like to?

I would love to try to write a proper Shakespearean sonnet.

12) Your message to your readers.

My message to my readers is to stop being lazy. Yeah i said that. I think we are getting too lazy in this generation so my message to my readers is to adjust their sitting positions, take hold of their laptops and join the next Awwthentic Contest and win so that i can read about them. I would also love to say a big thank to them for voting and commenting on my poem. I love you guys!


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