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"Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakathugu

My dear brothers and sisters,

Ever heard of Little drops of water makes an ocean?

Well this books contains few drops of water to make your ocean of Emaan.

Hope you all find it useful:-)

you dont have to vote for it or comment when you read this. All you have to do is try to implement it in your life. And that alone will give this book the credit that the votes and comments cannot give.

~Jazakallah for reading"

                                 --- najeesathar for  BITS OF EMAAN

This is a very nice collection of spiritual islamic stories. A gem, If I can say so as through this stories, we can learn a great deal of things about life, relationships, honesty, Unity and so many aspects of life through the eyes of Islam.

Thank you @najeesathar for creating such a wonderful book. :)

I hope readers would read them with interest.


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