LoveShots Contest by India Central

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#Love Shots is a contest held by @IndiaCentral for the month of love, February. 

4 Prompts x 4 Rounds = 4 One-Shots 

It is a great contest and I hope more people participate. 

This contest is NOT restricted to Indians only.

First Round Ends on 8th February. If you are interested in participating then click on external link now and Sign Up.

Thanks to the Organisers for an amazing contest. 

All the Best to all the Participants.


My Submission for the Contest :

❃ Title : Cursed against Love

❃ Author : Awwthentic

❃ Summary : "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly,

what's essential is invisible to the eyes"

Annabella Rose had grew up believing these words coming from her God-Mother.

And, the time to test her belief had come...

What will Bella do when life will throw a challenge at her in the form of a castle that had been cursed against Love by an evil witch?

It is said that Love can thaw a frozen heart. Does this works on magic spells as well?

Can Bella's belief and wisdom help the castle and its inhabitant Ethan Lemuel get rid of the curse?

Can she be able to stick to the belief she had been carrying in her heart over the years?

❃ Genre : Historical Romance

❃ Link :

I hope it goes well. :)

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