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Always thought of expressing your love for a book you read and share it with others? Wondered can you say Thanks to your favorite author for creating a wonderful story for you that just didn't entertained you, but also made you aware of a few things or just gave you wings to take a flight to a different world.

Well, Here is A Book of Interview for the Readers, to the Readers, Dedicated to their Favorite Authors/Books.

This book is in correspondance with Awwthentic Magazine which means that each month one of the interviews that gets more reads/votes will be published in the Magazine as an Advertisement.

This Book is Dedicated to the Readers and It is not limited to just Wattpad. Yes, You can also submit Interviews of the books you have read outside Wattpad. The idea is to bring out the best books to reader's attention, share views and comments and create a group of like-minded readers where we can interact with each other on several topics related to writing.

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This is the First Reader's Interview for my book and I wass looking for a reader who is fond of Sir @OwainGlyn Works, My Favorite Poet at Wattpad. :) And, I found him in Hsn_25.

Hsn_25 : AT 15, He rocks with an amazing collection of poetry in several books at Wattpad.

Check out his works and also, the poetry collection written and Dedicated to Sir @OwainGlyn. 

Here goes his Thoughts on 'Ice and A Twist' by 

1) General Information about yourself.

> My name is Hassan. I am fifteen year old boy who loves to write, draw and read.

2) How did you came across Wattpad and How is your experience by far?

> My sister told me about this site. I really had a good expierence.  I really feel fresh when I breathe in the land of books.

3) What is the name of the poetry/collection you are giving interview for and why this book?

> There are a lot of good books. Ice and a twist. Because I think its very different from other poetry books I’ve read so far.

4) How you came to know about this book? Who is the poet?

> Sir @OwainGlyn wrote this amazing poetry book. By visiting on his profile, randomly.

5) How many poems are there in this collection?

> There are thirteen poems (till now).

6) Which is your favorite poetry from the collection and why?

> A dangerous assignment is my favorite because it explains how do we exaggerate things. And its expressed with a sense of humor. 

7) What was your first impression of reading this poetry?

> The piece was cool! I was laughing at the end.

8) The first thing that came to your mind after reading this poetry?

> Simply nothing… I had no idea what it was. So, I decided to read it!

9) Your favorite lines from the poetry and why?

> I crashed through

And found my target

Just sitting there

Staring at me

It seems like a hunter is trying to capture a wolf. But the end was totally different .

10) How was your experience of reading this poetry?

> It was simply wonderful. I was speechless at the moment.

11) One feedback and suggestion you want to give to the poet.

> Keep writing these super duper things!

12) How will you rate this poetry/Collection on the scale of 1 - 5.

5 - Outstanding

4 - Very Good

3 - Good

2 - Worth Reading Once

1 - Room for Improvement

> 5+++

I’ve read this book TWICE!

13) Did the poetry/collection served any purpose of teaching you something in someway?

> It taught me life is a TWIST. So beware… Although there’s nothing mention in the book like that. But I observed this :P

14) Can you relate to this poetry? If yes, then how?

> It’s like strawberry milk shake or crunchy spicy french fries :P :D

15) Your message to readers as a feedback for this poetry/collection.

> This book is great. These poems are so calming and humourous too. It’s a good reading exercise. At the end of the poem, there will be something else, far away from your thoughts. Simply a twist! If you’re upset, sad or you want to be relaxed. You HAVE to read this book. It will help to soothe your mind. I hope you will feel better.

"When ever I sad

Or feeling really bad

I just take a look

At this amazing book"

                         - Hsn_25

I hope you guys would agree to his opinion. If any of you want to be be interviewed on Sir @OwainGlyn Poetry or any other for that matter, All you need to do is ask.

Meanwhile, EnJoy Reading this Wonderful Interview and the others that will follow. :)

Thank you.


Dated: 12/02/2015

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