Different Types of Poems

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Poems to me are like painting your feelings with words. Poetry is an art. An art that is more godgifted then self-acquired. It is a collection of words that express an idea or emotion that often use imagery and metaphor. A heartfelt poetry is always written out of imagination. It is just so spontaneous. One cannot create poetry just becasue they want to. It won't carry that essence. But, we sure can improve our skills by learning it. 

I am myself a poetry lover and is trying to polish my poetry to make it better. Also, I have been having regular poetry contests so help us all here is a little guide to poetry. It explains the types, how each one is written, the structure and pattern. And, everything a good poetry entails.

The Structure of Poetry

The structure used in poems varies with different types of poetry. The structural elements include the line, couplet, strophe and stanza. Poets combine the use of language and a specific structure to create imaginative and expressive work. The structure used in some Poetry types are also used when considering the visual effect of a finished poem. The structure of many different types of poetry  result in groups of lines on the page which enhance the poem's composition.

Below are 7 examples :


An interlocking rhyme scheme. Rhyme line 1 with line 3; also line 2 with line 4. A classic, often-used rhyme scheme.


This scheme’s a little looser and less predictable than some of the others. Rhyme lines 2 and 4; make sure that lines 1 and 3 don’t rhyme. The two non-rhymed lines will allow you some freedom–and save mileage on your rhyming dictionary.


This scheme divides a section of four lines into two rhymed couplets, each of which sounds kind of complete  unto itself.


This one’s tough to pull off. To relieve monotony, you might try making some of the lines much shorter than the others—varying line length will make it sound less predictable.


Line 2 is all alone, left hanging. This scheme contains a bit of tension–try it and see.


A rhyming pair sandwiched inside of another rhyming pair.


Like XAXA above, AXXA is a wild card. The two middle lines are unpredictable; they don’t rhyme with each other or any other line in the stanza. This one’s a personal favorite of mine; I like the way those two middle lines keep the audience in suspense. I also like the way the last line releases the tension.

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For More details on the different types of poetry and how they are written, please check the link in the external link.

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