ShoutOut 3 : Immortality Calls

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❃ Title : Immortality Calls

❃ Author : SheenaAliy

❃ Summary : Things just never seem to work out for nineteen year old Alyssa Robinson. She lives her life forgotten and unwanted; constantly questioning her self worth and quickly spiralling into a deeper into depression. An outsider in her own home, in her own skin.

Its all about to change when she meets gorgeous and popular Asher Wellington and friends, Luke and Seth.They pull Alyssa into the dark and mostly dangerous world of Supernaturals while changing Alyssa's outlook on life and her self. Maybe after all these years of being alone and rejected she can learn count on other to lean on and begin to heal the scars from a lifetime of abuse. Soon after falling under the spell of the three mysterious young men;she finds that she has to make a choice. The right choice could turn her miserable life around while the wrong choice could make it descend even faster towards insanity.

❃ Genre : Vampire

❃ Link : External Link

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