Valentine's Day Contest by Wattpad

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Have you heard about it? (◑.◑)

No???  (◐.̃◐)

Well, Not A Problem. It's still time and now that you know, you can check it out by clicking the External Link.

To Inform you,

You got to write a Romantic Tale with not more than 5K Words by on your favorite OTP ♥+♥ (One True Pairing) from your favorite fanfiction series, books, movies or celebrity etc,But It MUST be A FanFiction by all means.

Publish it with tags "fanficfriday" and "valentines". 

Maybe, Dedicate it to @WattpadFanfic 

Time: 15th February 2015, Sunday.

So, Don't waste time, check out the link for more information and start writing ✍(◔◡◔)

And, Since I am here to help, you can always ask me to promote your work to get more reads. :))

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