Watty's 2014 : Collector's Dream Award Winner : M.C. Roman

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Title : Teaching Mia

Author : M.C Roman

Summary : Fed up with her disheartening life in NYC, Mia takes a gamble and embarks on an invigorating journey abroad to business school in Spain.

When Mia Fuentes moves to Spain for graduate school, desperately trying to leave her past behind, the last thing she ever imagined was getting involved with Leo Durant, the hottest and most sought after guy on campus.

Leo is sexy, confident, and has the ultimate bad boy reputation. Something about him keeps pulling her in, when she knows she should be staying far away in the secluded world she has built for herself. Will she be able to overcome her fears and inner struggles that have brought her here? Or will Leo be able to teach her something about love and that not everything in life happens the way we expect?

Contemporary, multicultural, and deeply moving, this is the story of a young woman’s trials and tribulations of leaving everything behind and trying to create a new life for herself in a foreign country. It is a relentless journey of self-exploration, healing, and maturity, with a lot of romance, wit and humor.

Genre : Romance

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Her Interview

1) At what age did you begin writing and what or who inspired you into writing?

I’ve always had a knack for writing, but I pretty much started out when I was fifteen. I was inspired to write Teaching Mia after I graduated from business school in Spain. My experience during my time there was so rich and intense, it gave me plenty of source material to work with. Somehow I started imagining what it would be like for a girl to go through the same experience, but by herself and completely alone. That’s when the back-story came to me of a wounded girl who was fleeing her past and trying to make a better life for herself in a foreign country. It just seemed like the perfect scenario for someone who had a lot of obstacles in front of them and presented a lot of challenges to struggle through. And of course, a romantic hero who would eventually come to the rescue! 

2) What has the entire experience from writing 'Teaching Mia' to Winning Wattys been like?

It truly has been incredible! I think I’ve come a long way since I first uploaded the story to Wattpad. Since then I’ve gone on to publish several other stories and gained a following I never imagined I would have.   

3) What is the plot of 'Teaching Mia' about?

Teaching Mia is about a girl who is running away from her past and moves to Madrid to attend graduate school. She faces many obstacles and is presented with a lot of challenges as she is trying to create a new life for herself in a foreign country. It’s a heartfelt story about self-exploration, healing, and a lot of romance.

4) What are the struggles Mia Fuentes has to face before and after she meets Leo Durant?

Mia is fleeing from her past and trying to make a new life for herself. She is incredibly shy and antisocial, but at the same time she is very strong as she’s faced many obstacles in her life. After she meets Leo, she struggles with letting Leo into her life and confiding her past to him.

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