#4 : Cover Fascination

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One of the Best Author and Cover Maker we have amongst us at Wattpad.

Just at 16, She has a couple of great works to her read and a cover book with great book covers created by her.

Honestly, her works needs all the accolades she is getting and much more. 

Do check them out and maybe request for a cover too. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Unless. It is closed now. hehe

Her Works :

a) Lying Destiny

b) Nice To Sweet You, Little Cupcake

c) Keeper • German Translation

d) Devil's Mission

e) Jenseits von Dir

f) Something Great

g) Shut up, Tomlinson

h) Cover Fascination (Cover Book. External Link)

Want to know more about her and her works?

Read this lovely Interview :)

1) Tell us about yourself. As a person. As an author. As a graphic artist.

My name is Liv and I'm from Germany. I love to sing, dance, draw, read, write, cook, and so many other things! Chocolate is my best friend … And about books.. I love great books, my favorite author is Kerstin Gier who wrote the Rubyred-Triology.. But to write stories is one of my favorite actions as well! But in the future I want to be a graphic artist and want to study it. Hopefully it works...

2) What program do you use for creating covers?

I use picmonkey.com (: not so bad I think! But my fonts are from dafont.com.

3) How many covers have you designed at wattpad? (Examples, if you want)

Many! Since I'm on Wattpad I create covers, in my official book are almost 40. But I guess there are already 80 or something like that I have made..

4) What are the things you keep in mind while designing covers?

Really good question... I try to make a good picture, which is not boring or to full if you know what I mean. And the font is also important! I want to make a cover where the picture and the font harmonize with each other.. thats not so easy.

5) Which one is the best cover created by you till date. (I'll need the link to add it in the media, please)

Hmm... the cover of my story 'Lying Destiny' I guess.. but I do not know (http://www.wattpad.com/story/13508670-lying-destiny)

6) How do you select pictures/fonts/colors while creating covers for different genres and moods?

I read the ideas of the one who ask me for a cover and then there is already an imagine in my head and I try my best to find the best pictures in the internet. The persons, the background and the font have to agree with the genres and moods.

7) How much do you charge for creating a cover?

one or two hours.

8) Tell us more about your artistic abilities. For eg, what else do you design/create.

I have already designed a movie poster for a project in school and created the design for the prom poster and tickets.. but that is not all..

9) What is your favorite story written by you?

Haha oh dear.. I like Lying Destiny.. and Shut Up, Tomlinson as well but there is a bad beginning 'cause in my past I was not so good at writing :D

10) What kind of responses do you get for the covers you have created?

Good I think.. most of the people like my covers and that is a big honor for me!

11) Do you see yourself as an author or as a graphic artist?

Yes, because I like it and it makes fun to me. But if the other people would agree ... I don't know (:

12) What is your most favourite book written by you?

That is the same question like number 9, isn't it?

13) Tell us about the title and the plot of your recent/upcoming book?

My popular book is calling 'Shut Up, Tomlinson' and is about Elisabeth Styles (twin of Harry) and Louis Tomlinson. The two were a sweet couple, but then Louis football career started and he left the city. The story begins with the moment he comes back many months ago..

14) Your message to your readers/followers.

Hello, when you read this, thank you for your attention!! It is amazing how many people here are talking to me because they like my works. That means so much to me. (:

Hope you had a great time reading this Interview. :)


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