Author Interview for the Month of March

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Author : Emily aka aggirl53 

Works :

1) Trapped in School (External Link)

2) Stuck in Love

3) Forced to have the Player's kid

Her Interview 

1) At what age you began writing and what or who inspired you into writing?

1. I began writing at age 7, oddly enough, because I won Young Authors in my district and went to state. It was amazing to learn what the power of a story-- even one about a unicorn--- could do. In addition to that, in school while I was horrible at math and science I was told I was "gifted" with writing. While I'm not sure it that's exactly true, my dad always helped me learn the basics of writing.

2) so, what have you written?

2. So much. In middle school I wrote two novels I did nothing with (about 200 pages a pop) and in high school I worked on this long term novel Dream Escape which I hope to finish now (bringing it to about 300 pages). Additionally, I adore poetry and have a cute little collection growing. I took creative writing in high school and now that I'm in college I am an English major, so I do a lot of academic writing.

3) What is trapped in school about?

3. Childhood enemies, Lucas and Natalie, get trapped in their school due to a snowstorm and end up falling in love.

4) Among Natalie and Lucas, who is

a) Naughty

b) Dominant

c) Wise

d) Rational

4. Haha, I suppose Lucas is "naughty" despite his awkwardness. I'd say Natalie is wise, I made her super good at math and science, something I could never do. Natalie is also the rational one for sure, and I'd also say she is dominant because in the sequel Lucas pretty much does whatever she wants.

5) which actor/actress would you like to see playing the character of Natalie and Lucas?

5. This might seem awful, but I'd played Natalie. I have a double major in English and Theatre, and who knows the character better than the author? As for Lucas, I'd say Ed Sheeran. Ohh, that would be so fun to kiss him ;)

6) Do you work on an outline or plot or do you prefer to just see where an idea takes you, while writing?

6) With academic writing, I always make an outline, while with creative writing all I ever know is how the story will end. I also have a bank of character profiles I look at when writing stories, so I do a little preplanning.


7) Do you ever get writers block? How do you tackle it?

7)  YES! I usually give myself time with writer's block, or just listen to music. My newest book, Forced to have the Player's Kid, is completely inspired by Taylor Swift's new album.

8) Do you proofread/edit all your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?

8) Sometime's I'll have my best friend look over it, otherwise I may go back and read old stories and edit them.


9) Tell us about the cover/s and how it/they came about.

9) I adore my covers, they were all made by my best friend Keightlin. She's an amazing artist and always makes the covers just how I want them. She knows I'm tech stupid too so she formats them perfectly for me.


10) which social network worked best for you? What else do you do for promoting your books?

10. I've had issues promoting my books lately. I'm considering making a wattpad-twitter. For my personal use, I use Facebook, and tell my friends about my stories there.

11) What are your favorite books from wattpad?

11. I love teen pregnancy stories, and werewolf. Right now I'm reading "Pregnant with My mate's baby, too bad I was rejected." by CriesofStar and "A Reject and a Baby" by sweetsarebest.

12) Your message to readers and followers.

12. Guys, thanks so much for sticking with me after a year long hiatus. I don't know what I would do without you. <3

Hope you enjoyed the interview. :)

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