ShoutOut 1 : Vesper's Curse

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❃ Title : Vesper's Curse

❃ Author : AvaReiss

❃ Summary : Book One in the Cycles of the Lights Series.

With the disappearance of her mother, Queen Vesper, Meliora has no choice but to ascend the throne of Priletoria at age seventeen. Trouble brews when the missing monarch returns as a powerful sorceress and no longer the same loving woman her daughter once knew. The novel weaves intricately between two tales. The first is the story of an idyllic world on the planet Ima that has not seen war nor suffering for centuries. Changes begin when Queen Vesper of Priletoria is engulfed with anguish by the death of her husband, the late King. In a desperate attempt to find some way to cheat death, she shirks her duties as the new monarch and travels away to a distant school of sorcery. The story of Vesper and Meliora dances amongst the narration of two unlikely friends, Agatha and Ivan, which is set in the 1960’s. They each have a hidden and dark past and will learn that their fates have always been doomed to intertwine. The novel begins with what appears to be two separate stories. As it progresses, it introduces what transpires after death. Queen Vesper plays a vital role as the antagonist having cast a powerful spell affecting the souls of Meliora and her young husband Jedrek, linking them to the incarnations of Agatha and Ivan.

❃ Genre : Fantasy

❃ Link : External Link

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