Sticks Story Promotions and Undiscovered Watty awards

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@sticks97 is the wattpadder, if you are looking for someone to help promote your work some more and also, you can win awards for your hard work. Apart from my magazine ofcourse. ;) :))

She has been organizing contests each season and unluckyily the contest for the fall season has ended but do follow her because as this one ends, I am sure the next one will be 'ON' soon after.

But, you are not losing anything yet. The story promotion is still "OPEN"

So, click on the external link and get your story promoted.

Besides these, she also do book reviews and has a book club as well, if you are interested to join.

Currently, she is penning down some great stories which will be published soon. 

So, Follow her to be informed. :)

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