Judge 2 : awritershabit

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: A good writer

: a terrifc cover maker

: a helpful and lovely human being


: an observant judge, I presume (So participants, watch out on each and every detail)

She has some amazing works written and countless covers designed for fellow wattpadders.

"The Thoughts of A Teenager" (External Link) is doing quite well with more than 7k reads.           

Interview with awritershabit

1)For how long have you been writing?

Ans: I started in 5th grade, so approx. 7 years.

2) What inspires you into writing?

Ans: I honestly don't know, maybe the intense need to be heard.

3) There are plenty of sites which allow free publishing online. What made you choose wattpad to publish your books?

Ans: Honestly, I never really got to that point where you google free online publishing sites and choose whichever your gut tells you to. I came across Wattpad through a friend, and instantly got hooked.

4) Share with us about the works that you have published at Wattpad.

Ans: Well, for starters, each of my work has a little bit of me in them. Those who know me personally, can easily figure out which is me and which is not. Atleast that's what I hope. And also, most of my works are derived from real life experiences. You know what they say, you aren't a writer until you feel the weight of the words you're writing.

5) What are the things you look for in a perfect story?

Ans: (i) Zero grammatical errors.

(ii) Original plot.

(iii) Well thought-out chapters.

6) What is more important in a story: a better plot or a detailed characterisation?

Ans: I'd say a better plot. Because if the plot itself is dull, monotonous, I believe I'll not read on and put an effort to get to know the characters. Or put much thought into details because I'll not read further ahead.

7) What are your views about books on Wattpad?

Ans: Too many books with similar plots. Original stories rarely get into the limelight.

8) Which is your most favourite and closest work written by you and why?

Ans: I'd say 'Hardly'. I really tried to bring out that 1960's vibe while writing it, and some darker parts of stardom. I don't know, most of my readers may disagree, but I felt the most at home while writing it. Blame it on my fate, maybe I was born in the wrong era. Haha.

9) Tell us about the procedure you will carry out while judging the stories for the contest.

Ans: First and foremost, I'll check if the plot is relevant. I'll then pay special attention to the writers' ability to describe, to give life to the words. Next move on to characterisation, ask myself if I've connected with the characters emotionally and were the sentiments conveyed properly. I'll also check if the story is written in a proper grammatical manner. Lastly, how well did the writer himself connect to the words written.

10) What's the biggest mistake new writers make?

Ans: This does not apply to all new writers but still a few many.

They rush, jump from this event to that. Give little attention to description. And refuse to accept that a little or more time spent on planning helps in the long road. That it's okay to work your way slowly to the climax of the story.

11) Since it's a contest for valentine day and we are expecting romantic stories from participants. What, according to you, love is?

Ans: Love is, well, the power to forgive. The strength to admit your weaknesses, your flaws and your faults. Love is the having hope even when things are a complete mess. Love is smiling for the other when all you want to do is curl up in a bed and forget the existence of life itself. Do I need to say more? I have yet to see the world to its fullest, who am I to define love? I'm merely a fragment of the million other fragments.

12) Your message to readers / followers and advice to the participants.

Ans: Don't write it if your heart is not in it.

Enjoy Reading :)

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