BestSellers 6 : The Teddy Bear Agreement

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❃ Title : The Teddy Bear Agreement

❃ Author : thepurplerose

❃ Summary : I was just about to push myself away and sneak out of the room when his arms tightened just a fraction more around my waist.

“Wait, not yet, I’m awake.” Will’s breath tickled my ear as he brought me closer and even threw one of his legs over mine. He backed us both away from the edge of the bed and I was pretty sure he was hitting the wall with his back. “You’ll make it harder for me to sneak out without waking you up.” I whispered, my slight annoyance edging in my voice. The quick exhale of breath coming from his nose was a probable chuckle as he murmured back to me: “That’s the point.”

❃ Genre : Romance

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