#13 : Nomination for the Best Book 2014

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Nominations for the Best Book of 2014.

The Books have been selected by nominations by readers and from the one's that had won titles in previous month editions.

Please vote for your favorite book either by posting its title or its number as a comment in this page.

Alongwith that, The books are being promoted in a group of 7 at my Instagram account.

7 More will be added after 7 days because I felt a collection of 7books, for a week would do justice to each of them... Like, enough time for them to collect votes. After the completion of 7days, the votes on the current nominations will be closed and those of the next new nominated 7 books will be counted. After 2 weeks, when both the slots has been rated and voted both in the magazine and at Instagram. Calculations will be done and the one with most rates and votes will be declared winner on 30th January 2015.

You can check out my Instagram Account and Vote there. (Check External Link)

Please Be Fair while Voting. Atleast, Check out the Summary and/or Prologue before Voting.

The book with maximum votes will will the "BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR - 2014".

Titles to Be Won are :

> Best Book of the Year

> Best Author of the Year (Can be or Can not be the Author of The Best book of the Month)

> Best Cover of the Year

While Voting, Please Be Clear with Numbers and The Title you are voting for.

The Winners will be Interviewed for February Edition- 2015.

1) The Glass Prince - The King of The Seven Stars Book One

Author :  Claudia_Witter

Link : http://www.wattpad.com/story/25029436-the-glass-prince-the-king-of-the-seven-stars-book

Nominated by : Lisbeth_Hersley

2) No Vacancy at 221c: A BBC Sherlock Fanfic

Author : Wholockian221c

Link : http://www.wattpad.com/story/20703922-no-vacancy-at-221c-a-bbc-sherlock-fanfic

Nominated by : kmarks777

3) Scars of the Heart - (TVD FanFiction)

Author : Awwthentic

Link : http://www.wattpad.com/story/17286956-scars-of-the-heart-tvd-fanfiction

Nominated by : Awwthentic Magazine Best Book of the Month - September 2014

4) Miss Popular and Mr. Right (Love, Hate & Rumors)

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