#19 : Shout-Out 6 - FROM RIVALS TO LOVERS

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Author : eyes_never_lies

Summary : And here goes the shores silent and deep like it can hear my mumbling, it can feel my heart ache, it can see the bruises u left on my soul, it reminds me of all the time i spent with you .. The memories that crushed my heart ..

when you said *I Love You* ... And i was afraid , i was afraid to say it back ... Afraid of the thought that it won't last and i will loose you someday or you will leave me, but i kept my fears aside, i let my feelings out and i said with the tears that were formed in my eyes out of happiness...*I Love You too, i have always love you* and here i am , shattered and broken .. U ripped my heart , u left ... U just ... left ..... READ THIS RIVALRY LOVE STORY IN WHICH TWO PEOPLE WERE FORCED INTO MARRIAGE..THEY WERE LOVERS...BUT NO, THEY TURNED RIVALS... NOW COULD THEY TURN FROM RIVALS TO LOVERS? WILL THEY FORGET THEIR GRUDGES, MISUNDERSTANDINGS AND HATRED?...WILL THEIR RIVALRY TURN BACK INTO LOVE AGAIN? SET YOUR BELTS TIGHT AND FALL INTO THIS LOVE HATRED ADVENTURE OF ELEENA AND DARIAN.

Genre : Humor

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