#15 : Shout-Out 2 - Love Letters on The Wall

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Title : Love Letters on The Wall

Author :  starqazzing

Summary : .. sometimes i just want to disappear and never come back ..

That was the first thing Annalise Anderson wrote on The Wall. Despite her popularity at school, Annalise's life is not always as perfect as other people imagined. The Wall is where the people of Northridge bring their sharpies and write their confessions, dark secrets, regrets, basically everything they can't say to anyone else. And then a mysterious stranger starts writing back to her writings, using the alias X. And even better, he wrote that he went to her school and that he knew her. To her surprise, Annalise felt drawn by this X guy's words. She feels like he gets her in a way no one else could, not even her friends. So she wants to know who this X guy is. So what do you think? Is this X guy for real? Or is he just some random guy playing with Annalise's feelings?

Genre : TeenFiction

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