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Every Made Man || **COMPLETED & EDITED ** || (Book One) by BehindTheWardrobe
Every Made Man || **COMPLETED & BehindTheWardrobe
Florence Genovese was not meant to have a gun pressed to her head. She was not meant to be involved in family business. Certainly, she was not supposed to fall in love w...
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Read for Read by bremcfarland
Read for Readby Bre
Share your stories & sign up for critiques done by me Share stories: ✔️ always open Critiques: ✔️ open but long waiting list
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To Know You by scaryberry123
To Know Youby ~scary~
"The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you star...
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You V.S. Mafia by scaryberry123
You V.S. Mafiaby ~scary~
[COMPLETED] "Shoot," Joey mumbles, letting out a string of profanities under his breath. We turn around to find a group of men, all with guns, standing where w...
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How To Get Reads, Votes, and Comments - A Guide by KatherineArlene
How To Get Reads, Votes, and Katherine A. Ganzel
How do I get more reads, votes, and comments? If you find yourself asking that question, then I have some answers for you. What can you do to reach out to readers and...
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Desi writes by Riceonbeans
Desi writesby Riceonbeans
The best Indian stories on Wattpad.
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Library Reviews  by Skittles_Lover0311
Library Reviews by Dog_Lover
OPEN!! We're all writers here, But only some are able to leave a lasting impact on readers. Which is why we've created this reviews book. To assist writers on wattpad...
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Trust Me [Book 2] by NiniBrandon
Trust Me [Book 2]by Nini ❤️
Brielle is back and more focused than ever. She is presented with a wonderful opportunity that will ultimately mean a better life for her and the most important person i...
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Deliciously Tempting. (COMPLETED)  by LJMay03
Deliciously Tempting. (COMPLETED) by LJ May
Terra Howard, a 21 year old restaurant worker trying to work her way up the career ladder. Derrick Caine, a tycoon in the hospitality world, who brought out Terra's wor...
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The Pantheon by ThePanTheon
The Pantheonby ThePanTheon
news & updates about the community cover by @peachspit
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Wattpad Review Group (1) by Coltonr47
Wattpad Review Group (1)by Lilith Empire
Welcome to Wattpad Review Group. We review books, profiles, stories, jokes, series, and anything you want us to review!
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Miss Pen by iRunOnDunkin
Miss Penby iRunOnDunkin
It was simple. All she had to do was sit, interview, and make notes. That’s why her boss left her in charge. Nothing could go wrong. But when the last interviewee stumbl...
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Book Club by wdislove
Book Clubby
Readers and Writer's this book club is made for you so what are you waiting for? SIGN UP AND JOIN NOW!🧡
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Love Me When It Hurts by toiajayc
Love Me When It Hurtsby LaToia
What do you do when you've be hurt by the one you love the most. Even after your husband cheats how do you continue to love, when you feel like its all gone. Shayna goes...
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Promotion of Stories (OPEN) by Kittywillhelpyou_
Promotion of Stories (OPEN)by Mother Cat
A book that will promote your stories. English and Filipino stories are only allowed in here. ^_^
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Agust D's Shop | Promotion Book by cherryymin
Agust D's Shop | Promotion Bookby 𝐢'𝐲𝐚.
[🎤] Closed For Now ❝Where you can promote your own book!❞ Agust D just made a shop nearby, hop in and help others! You can also let others help you! Welcome to Agu...
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Chicago | hs au by harryhunny
Chicago | hs auby 🔲🔳🔲
Highest Rankings: #1 in Kiwi #3 in Harry Styles #5 in Harry Styles Fanfic #15 in Harry Styles Fanfiction Katie's a loner in a big city. They only thing she has is her vo...
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Read for Read by kaseymarilyn
Read for Readby kaseymarilyn
Advertise your stories here! Read for read, follow for follow, and comment for comment are all allowed! (I don't promote vote for vote because it's against Wattpad's t...
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The Billionaire Wants Me by BTS_LOVE_FOREVA
The Billionaire Wants Meby Ciara Michelle
Melody Brookes is an innocent yet straightforward and confident girl she doesn't let any one take her as a joke and is very educated. She lives with her best friend and...
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Writer's Name And Their Work With Link ( Wrythe Promotion ) by Celina_Kate
Writer's Name And Their Work Celina_Kate
They are not famous writer like others but surely their work can catch out your attention. Support and Follow Them. Just Gave Them Chance To Share Their Work.
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