Wattys 2014 Beginner's Luck Award 2

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Do You Know Indigo? Won the Beginner's Luck Award in Watty's 2014

Title : Do You Know Indigo

Author : Bekah Eva

Summary : "Do You Know Indigo? Regretfully I do."

Christine Evans tried to kill herself. She doesn't remember why. On the anniversary of her suicide attempt an invisible, indigo eyed boy appears, bringing with him clues to her past. But in trying to discover the motives for her attempted suicide, Christine soon finds herself involved in a dark game between the creature they call Red and the Indigo Boy who claims to have saved her from death itself. "But who is this Indigo Boy, you may ask? Well why don't I tell you?"

Genre : Paranormal

Interview of the Author :

When did you first considered writing and what inspired you into writing?

Call me cliché but I’ve wanted to be a writer since before I can remember. From a young age I was always writing something, though it wasn’t until the age of thirteen that I actually complete a story. I suppose this came from a genuine love of reading and being read to. Authors like Roald Dahl, J.K Rowling, Enid Blyton and C.S Lewis taught me that we can be capable of magic without the need for wand or spells by simply using words and that, as a child, was inspiring beyond comprehension.

Who or What had been the biggest inspiration behind 'Do You a Know Indigo?"

It was, in the beginning, a culmination of being a Phantom Of The Opera fan girl and being disappointed with Bella Swan as Twilight’s leading heroine. I was enthralled by the pain and humanistic qualities in Phantom and wanted to create characters with similar emotional complexity. As for Twilight, it was a case of being proactive when I closed the book and found myself dissatisfied. I wanted to write a book in the hope I could create something reader’s would close and not question as to whether or not it had been worth reading.

If you look at the series as a whole, I cannot tell a lie in that a lot of the emotional turmoil was an exaggeration of my own. I assure you, I was not suicidal but depression played a significant role in my teenage years and a lot of that emotion ended up in the books. I don’t want people to be afraid about speaking out about mental health issues and if my book helps someone be more vocal in their struggles then it has all been worth it.

Is it a planned plot or you just let idea drive you into writing?

With “Do You Know Indigo?” I pretty much flew by the seat of my pants. I wrote whatever the heck I wanted and that was fine – therapeutic even – but boy did I regret it when editing it and planning/writing the follow ups. As most people who write series’ know, there is a lot of pressure on making sure continuity is top notch, which is made difficult when you’ve been lazy and had no consideration for what the heck you were doing.

These days I do a bit of both, creating a chapter plan but by no means sticking to it. I don’t like being constricted by my past self and what they thought was right when my present self has experienced life that little bit more and knows how to make things better.

What message are you trying to convey to your audience through this book?

Metal health in NOT a taboo subject. Depression comes in many forms and to not talk about it only makes things worse. You are not any less human or any less wonderful because of the demons in your mind – you are not them. Find someone you trust and TALK to them. Just don’t stay silent when there are a thousand people out there willing to listen. We are all humans, beautifully flawed, different and wonderful regardless of what may be going on inside of our miraculous minds.

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