1) Juliets's Quill

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How long does it take to fall in love? Sometimes a lifetime, sometimes a sight. And, Sometimes just few words.

The Journey of a boy in a search across time to find his perfect girl.For Marcus Alexander Breton, a painter living in modern day Paris, a discovery of a diary brings him to his senses. The diary of a girl called Juliet Aurelian. The biggest surprise is that her diary is dated the year 1789, nearly three hundred years ago. When Marcus falls in love with the picture of Juliet, he decides to set out on an seemly impossible task but as danger lurks at every corner, will he find the one thing he's been looking for?

Read the story Juliet's Quill by NatashaMubashar to find out if Marcus Alexander Breton really could find her and how. :)

Genre : Romance

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