Watty's2014 Beginners Luck Award

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@SheHopes : Congratulations for winning the Award for "Unhinged"

Summary : Dr. Alexis Reyna's perfect life begins to unravel as her stalker's obsession turns deadly. Can she rely on her new boyfriend to help her or is she falling in love with a killer?

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

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Interview with the Author

1) How did you came across Wattpad? And, why wattpad when there are so many other sites too?

I suffer from Insomnia so when I typed in free books...this is what my app store showed me. I didn't even know about the other sites. Lol.

2) What drove you into writing?

I saw all of the stories being written and thought I'd give it a go. Why not? It seemed like fun. :)

3) What inspired you writing on this specific genre (a Mystery/Thriller)?

I actually don't read a lot of mystery/thrillers or horror which is what Unhinged was also categorized in for a while. I like mystery/thriller because it lets you take readers down a very twisted path. They may think they know what I'm going to do but they usually don't and the surprise the final reveal brings is priceless.

4) This genre requires a lot of research, I believe. How much of 'UnHinged' is planned/researched and how much is imaginative?

Unhinged started from a dream I had of being stalked. (creepy I know) The rest was from my imagination. I did have to do a lot of research on baby monitors, hackers, how people spy, voyeurism laws. Readers thought I was lying but yes...people can spy on you from your phone's camera.

5) What's next after winning the Wattys? Publishing?

How amazing would that be? To be traditionally published is a dream of mine but I just started writing a few months ago so I'm very new to the craft and have a lot to learn.

6) How has been the whole journey like, from writing 'Unhinged' to Winning Wattys?

Incredible! Unhinged was my first story to get double #1 rankings in horror and mystery/thriller. Since then, I've had the luck of being able to hit those same rankings in other stories. I was surprised by the popularity of the story but I was beyond amazed that it earned me a Watty. :)

7) What are the things that a writer must keep in mind while :

a) Constructing a plot

Know your ending and head towards it with purpose.

b) Choosing a title

Keep it simple and related to the plot.

c) Sketching characters

Write a list of their descriptions and give them each a flaw if you can. I love flawed characters.

8) Who is your favorite author and which book of him/her had inspired you?

I have too many to name but Michelle Serros writes short stories and poetry. I always admired her skill. :)

9) If you have to use a celebrity for Alexis Reyna, who would she be and why?

Pass. Lol. I'd rather let my readers choose someone but she'd have to be someone awesome and strong.

10) What are your other works and what's next on the desk?

Other works? My Demon King Trilogy and The Moon Thief. On the desk...Demented (Sequel to Unhinged), 'Till Death, and a new series starting with The Dream Catcher. Geez that's a lot, right? :P

11) How do you proofread/edit your works or do you get it done by someone else?

I'm horrible about this. Everything I post are first drafts...so I kind of just scan them beforehand and hope for the best.

12) How have the reviews and comments to your book 'Unhinged' been like?

I think they've been okay. I loved reading comments from readers that thought the story was also funny. I try to add bits of humor in all my stories more so in Unhinged. :)

13) Who designed your book cover? How was the entire process like?

I did. I just used a stock photo I purchased. No fuss no muss.

14) How can readers discover more about you and your work?

(Share websites, if any)

Check out my WP profile or find me on Amazon under my pen name S.E. Grayson.


15) Your message to readers/followers.

I ❤ you all to the moon and back!

Thank you! :)

Thank you for the Interview. 

Enjoy Reading :)

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