Welcome 2015 :)

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A Warm Welcome to Everyone :)

Awwthentic Magazine 2015 - New Year Edition is here.

I hope this edition will be as welcomed, supported and loved as its predecessor. I aim to help promote more people's work through this and share good articles relating to writing, cover designing, editing and just about anything that can be helpful to us.

My goal is to help make this magazine popular so it reaches out to more and more people across wattpad and through that more and more  authors and their works will get promoted and recognized. And, I can achieve this only if I am being helped in this mission. So, share this magazine with your readers and followers thus carving a much better way in helping each one of you.

Please feel free to post your requests for advertising and promoting your works. I promise, none of the requests will go un-noticed. This is a completely unbiased magazine and everyone is welcome to be part of it.

Please post requests by 5th January. 


 Important :

Everything I do for people here is absolutely FREE. But, I have been asked by many about payments, so as to return the favour, for that you guys can Read and Comment on any of my books. I would really appreciate it.

The Only Thing I request to all is to share and promote this magazine so that more and more wattpaders be aware of it and benefits from it. Doing so, we are helping ourselves as well as each other. I hope this Edition will be as loved and supported as its predecessor.

Link to Awwthentic Magazine 1 has been attached in the external link for reference. 

"Wishing Everyone A Happy 2015 - A Year that brings Wish-Fulfillment, Peace of Mind, Contentment and Cheerfulness, Keeping Us Safe from All Harm and Danger, Granting Us Best of Health - Wealth and Success throughout."

Ameen. :)

 Feedbacks/Commentson The Cover for The New Year Edition will be Welcomed. 

Love, Care, Best Wishes :)


Dated : 03/01/2015

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