HerbanLegend : A Fine Poet

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HerbanLegend : One of the finest poets we have at wattpad.

His great works includes :

1) Herban Poetry 

2) Herban Poetry 2

3) The Herban Collection : Lost Boy

4) The Cycle

5) Short Stories for you

6) DreamWeeavers

7) Continnum (The Cycle, Book 2)

8) Letters ot the Universe

9) Memoirs of a Pothead

10) Nice Byx

Here follows his Interview :)

1) What's the earliest memory you have of writing a poem?

Third or Fourth Grade. It was during my school's drug awareness week and there was a contest going on for the best "drug-free" poem. Me and my mom sat in the kitchen and wrote a poem/rap and it ended up winning second place. That's the earliest.

2) What sort of thing did you write about when you began?

I didn't began actually penning my own poetry seriously until about two years ago, the end of 2013. At first, I wrote about a lot of the internal questions I had about society, myself, and just life in general.

3) Describe your writing style in ten words or less.

Viewing life through the eyes of an introverted pothead.

4) What about writers who have influenced you, your favorite poets and their works?

There have been many writers that have influenced me when it comes to my fiction and novels and it would be remiss of me to act as if they haven't also had a hand in my development as a poet, but honestly, the person who has influenced most in terms of poetry, would have to be my mom.

Though she's never been seriously published, she's written poetry, nursery rhymes, lullaby's, songs, and of course, drug-free poems, my entire life. I even find sometimes that the poems I write now will mirror some poem of hers written thirty+ years ago that I've never heard before.

5) What message do you intend to share through 'Herban Poetry'?

Well, Herban Poetry is more than just my first collection of poems. It's like a timeline of my development as a poet in a serial collection of different poem anthologies. The more I grow and the different experiences I go through all come together to form a big picture.

For the first and original 'Herban Poetry' I think the overall message was breaking free. Whether it be free from the burning questions that plague you, free from society's or anyone else's preconceived notions about you, or just free from the oppressive system that keeps you impoverished--whatever shackles you.

6) Which is more closest to you, writing poetry or story?

This is always a hard question for me. Fiction is an old and huge part of my life. It has always been my anchor even when everything else was changing, if my whole life was spinning out of control, I could always find solace in paragraphs of prose.

Poetry is a newer love of mine, but it's like love at first sight. There are times when I'm writing a poem and I swear, I'm not even there anymore. There's no thought or concern or any other human condition. Just the pencil scratching out my soul onto the page. It's an amazing feeling.

I don't think I could live without either, but I'd have to say story, if I was made to choose.

7) Tell us about the works that you have published at Wattpad?

There was a time when this was an easy question, but now my works list has expanded.

You know of Herban Poetry already, and with it there's also Herban Poetry II, which is the collection of poems that I'm working on now.

There's "The Cycle", my most popular work of fiction. It's a romance that tackles the "bad boy" motif and takes a look at some of the things that can lead up to the making of that type of guy.

"Lost Boy" is an urban work of mine that takes a look at the streets of Chicago through the eyes of Benjamin Dale, a reporter hungry enough for his first national byline that he's willing to infiltrate one of the city's up-and-coming dangerous gangs, The Lost Boys.

And there's "DreamWeavers" a dystopian fantasy story and the newest book that I've began. It follows the life of Minerva, who lives in a world where dreaming is a special privilege only available to those able to afford to purchase pre-recorded dreams. In this world, she's not only able to dream, but is plagued by recurring nightmares--but do these nightly terrors hold hidden truths of her mysterious past?

8) What according to you is your best work?

In my opinion my best individual poem is "The death of Death".

My best novel is "Lost Boy" to me currently, but it changes all the time.

9) What would you say is your *most* interesting writing quirk?

Well, firstly, ninety-nine percent of the time, I write my stories on pen and paper before I type them out. So, when I'm writing and I really get going and begin to get into the narrative, my handwriting switches randomly from cursive to manuscript without me noticing or having any control over it. The more interested or concentrated on the writing I get, the more slanted and swoopy my cursive tends to become.

It makes it so that I often have a hard time reading what ends up being my favorite portions of my drafts.

10) Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Everywhere. Dreams, random thoughts, pictures, other books, TV Shows, conversations, music--you name it. If something sparks an interesting thought in me, I'll keep the thought going until it becomes so large and grandiose that I feel like I have to get it out on paper.

11) Do you hear from your readers much? What kind of things do they say?

I do, honestly. And it's something that I'm very thankful for, because I know that a lack of feedback is something a lot of authors on here struggle with. My readers almost always have nice things to say, whether it be a nice remark about a poem or chapter of mine, kindly asking me to update (since I haven't done it in forever), or asking for tips or for me to check out a book of theirs.

12) Your message to readers/followers.

12) Thank you. Like, seriously, thank you. I don't say it enough and that's something I'd like to remedy. I can't explain how much you taking any time out of your day to read, comment, vote, or add anything that I've written means to me. There was a time when I would reply to every comment and critique twenty stories a day, and though I've gotten busier, my gratitude hasn't diminished in the slightest.

So, thank you for sticking with me, or if you're a new follower, thanks for joining up. Either way, stay tuned, because I have some plans for 2015

Enjoy Reading :)

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