Valentine Special Short Story Contest

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As the name suggests, It is a contest book in relation to the contests of Awwthentic Magazine. Everyone is Welcome to participate. There is just 1 Rule : Follow All the Rules.

The List of Participants for Valentine Short Story are :

1) Gabbyelle14

2) hemisha  - Submitted 

3) Claudia_Witter  - Submitted 

4) NehaGupta388

5) x0x_tj_x0x  - Submitted 

6) Messessem

7) NatashaMubashar - Submitted 

8) lucygh12  -  Submitted

9) beyong_infinities97

10) AmandaShoadowhunter

11) IndianWriter - Submitted 

12) HSH_DeathStar - Submitted 

13)  PaigeMHolly  - Submitted 

14) Micky260


Only 2 More participants will be Accepted. Those who applies first, before 14th February 2015 will be accepted.

Partcipants must fill the form of the final submission in the Magazine (check external link) before by 14th February 2015, IST.

Please Add the book to your list for updates.

Judges :

a) Awwthentic (That's me)

b) Twerking_Ashton

c) awritershabit

The next two articles that follows are the interviews of the judges for the contest. 


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